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About Us

The myUKmailbox story – from day one to today.

In the beginning…

In 2013, our Marketing Director, Oleg, almost lost his hair due to the frustration, difficulty and cost of ordering online from the UK and shipping to his home country. But instead of pulling his hair out, he co-founded an affordable parcel forwarding service instead: myUKmailbox.

  • Story 1

    Then there were two.

    A chance meeting at a conference between Oleg and Jamie (now Head of Operations, and Managing Director) and a story about the obstacles of importing a Michael Myers Halloween movie mask to the UK cemented their friendship.

    In 2014, they joined forces with a vision of growing the business into a world-renowned package forwarding powerhouse.

  • Story 2

    And we grew…

    myUKmailbox expanded so rapidly, we needed to move operations to a location in the UK with easy access to the transport network.

    London? Birmingham? Manchester?

    Nah, they’re way too congested and a faff to get in and out of.

    We chose Sheffield: the gateway to the North, South, East and West.

  • Story 3

    and grew some more

    Since relocating, our parcel forwarding operations have grown by King Kong sized proportions. So much so, we now work out of a massive 4000 sq ft space within reach of Sheffield city centre and the transport hub.

    It’s the only way we can cope with all the goods our customers buy.

    Not bad for an idea born out of Oleg’s hair loss and Jamie’s Halloween horrors.

  • Story 4

    we keep prices low

    As the business has grown, so has the strength of our negotiating power (just think of Superman and Wonder Woman’s powers combined).

    This means we can negotiate incredibly low rates with our couriers. And we pass these savings on to you, so we can continue to offer an affordable worldwide parcel forwarding service.

  • Story 5

    and customers happy.

    You can purchase the items you want from online UK stores and have them delivered to your door in a super-fast, reliable and cost-effective way.

    And as the human touch wins every time, myUKmailbox is staffed by real people ready to pack your boxes and answer your questions.

    Not all superheroes wear capes.

  • Story 6

    You shop. We ship.

    International shoppers need a gateway to purchasing goods from the UK, and since 2013 we’ve thrown that gate wide open.

    To ensure that gate never closes, we handle your package with the utmost care and consideration from the moment it arrives in our warehouse until the second it reaches your door.

Packing your items

You want your UK purchases properly protected when they are shipped, don't you? That's right and we recognise this is a big concern to our customers. Consequently, we take steps to ensure your parcel is always packaged correctly.

We recycle packaging wherever possible (that's right, we are environmentally friendly!) but this does not mean we compromise on protection of your package. The recycled packaging we use is always in good condition.

We don't under-fill boxes and we don't over-fill boxes. We ensure the correctly sized box is used and fill any extra space with packing peanuts, paper or bubblewrap. We notice and take extra care of fragile items. Whether it is pottery or artwork your item will be protected throughout its journey to you.

We use high quality tape. Each box gets a strip of reinforced glass fibre parcel tape for added security.

We label your items properly. We are very experienced international shippers and we know what documentation is required with all your shipments. Our commercial invoices, air waybills, address labels, and warning labels tell the courier and customs exactly what is required and exactly where it is going. This allows for swift movement of your goods through the courier networks and minimises the risk of your item getting lost.



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