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About Us

MyUKMailbox was founded in 2013. The idea arrived when Oleg, our Marketing Director realised that it was both difficult and expensive to source and order items in the UK and then get them shipped to where he lived in Eastern Europe.

Our story

  • Story 1

    Oleg met Jamie, our Head of operations at a marketing conference in 2014 and they got together to grow and improve the business in response to our customer needs.

  • Story 2

    As the company expanded we decided to move our operations to the city of Sheffield in 2015, choosing this for its central location within the UK and its accessibility to the transport network.

  • Story 3

    Since then we have experienced substantial growth in our parcel forwarding operation and we now operate out of a 2000 sq ft workspace in a secure location within easy reach of Sheffield city centre and the transport hub.

  • Story 4

    As the business has grown we have been able to negotiate extremely favourable rates with our courier partners and because of this we are able to offer a really affordable parcel forwarding service to our customers around the world.

  • Story 5

    Many expats use our service but we have a very wide and varied customer base who find our service invaluable to them in obtaining the items they shop for, delivered to them in an extremely reliable and cost-effective way.

  • Story 6

    Our mission is to provide a gateway to the UK for all manner of international shoppers. We will always promise to treat every package with the utmost care and attention, to ensure your precious goods arrive to you Quickly, Safely and Securely. These are our core tenets.

Packing your items

You want your UK purchases properly protected when they are shipped, don't you? That's right and we recognise this is a big concern to our customers. Consequently, we take steps to ensure your parcel is always packaged correctly.

We recycle packaging wherever possible (that's right, we are environmentally friendly!) but this does not mean we compromise on protection of your package. The recycled packaging we use is always in good condition.

We don't under-fill boxes and we don't over-fill boxes. We ensure the correctly sized box is used and fill any extra space with packing peanuts, paper or bubblewrap. We notice and take extra care of fragile items. Whether it is pottery or artwork your item will be protected throughout its journey to you.

We use high quality tape. Each box gets a strip of reinforced glass fibre parcel tape for added security.

We label your items properly. We are very experienced international shippers and we know what documentation is required with all your shipments. Our commercial invoices, air waybills, address labels, and warning labels tell the courier and customs exactly what is required and exactly where it is going. This allows for swift movement of your goods through the courier networks and minimises the risk of your item getting lost.