Services offers a large number of services with various solutions for every type of customer. We cater for everyone all over the world. This is a showcase of the services we have on offer. Click on them for more information. a UK parcel forwarding service and we strive for customer satisfaction and quality services. Parcel forwarding is a simple concept and we recognise that both consumers and businesses alike may want to take advantage of our mail and parcel forwarding services, as well as the rental of a UK street address. This is why we offer two memberships: standard and premium (check them out here).

UK parcel forwarding allows British expats to get all the British things they miss sent to them. We have many customers who are British expats and we don't know what they'd do without us! With items being received by us from the likes of Tesco with Jaffa Cakes, PG Tipps and Twiglets in the shopping basket it is clear they miss Britain. It is great to have them as customers as it really feels like we are making a difference.

However, our business does not stop there! We enjoy offering our mail and parcel forwarding services to people from all over the world and we have, in fact, got a customer in every continent in the world (apart from Antarctica, which we are working hard on!) Our global presence means we are experts in shipping worldwide and we can make sure every parcel that arrives at your UK street address is forwarded on to you safely and securely. We pride ourselves in secure packaging.

When you sign up with us we will give you your very own UK street address; not a PO box. PO boxes do not allow couriers to access them, just the national postal service - Royal Mail. Our service allows you to receive deliveries from any company, be that Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, myHermes or any other. We can also sign for packages for you and our reception has long hours so we will be sure to receive all your goods on the day of delivery.

This means that you can get all your shopping delivered here and treat it as you would your home to receive deliveries.

Our photo service is unrivalled and no other UK mail or parcel forwarding service offers this feature. We feel it is unique to us but also very important to our customers. Photos are viewable in full size as well as thumbnails in your user area and through a link we will send you by email when a package arrives for you.

When items arrived they are photographed in the packaging they arrive in so you can see exactly what it looks like to check if it is what you were expecting and everything is in order. You can also request additional photos of the contents of your packages.

You will love our online mail management tool. In your area you will have your virtual mailbox where you will be able to manage all of your mail.

When items arrive they will be photographed and uploaded to your dashboard are.You will be able to see where the item came from along with the dimensions, weight and a photograph of your item. You can request for us to consolidate items or have them sent out at the click of a button.

With our premium membership service we allow you to have an address book. This means that you can store multiple addresses in your account so you can send your UK shopping to friends and family as gifts and take real advantage of our UK mail and parcel forwarding service.

All you need to do to use this feature is register as a premium member today.

Our parcel consolidation and repacking service is a feature that allows you to get all your shopping repacked and put in one box. Say if you order something from Amazon, something from Asos and something from eBay you can put them all in one box to save shipping costs. Not only does this mean that your items are repackged in a stronger box but will also reduce exess space to a minimize costs further.  

This service costs just 6.99 GBP for standard members and free for premium members.

We can scan and email any documention that arrives with your parcel whether it be an invoice or returns form that you need urgently.

This service is available to both Standard and Premium customers.

Please note, this service is parcel documetion only. We do not scan and email letters or other official documentation. offer an invaluable personal shopper service which we call BuyForMe. Many of our customers use this service regularly as a means of being able to shop at UK online retailers.

This service is available to all members and is especially useful when online vendors do not accept debit or credit cards that have a billing address outside the United Kingdom. We can buy from any online store for you and can even bid on eBay auctions. For this service, our charges are, £15 handling fee or 10% (8% for Premium members) of the cost of the goods, whichever is the higher value.

We offer a period of 20 days free storage to standard customers and 45 days for premium. This is a huge amount of time to get all your shopping done without worrying about racking up  of storage fees.

However, if you wish to store items for longer that is entirely possible. Rates can be found on our Plans Page. We allow storage for up to 100 days for premium members.

If you are an expat you might miss shopping at UK supermarkets for all those British goodies. Well, can now offer you the ability to get your online grocery orders delivered to your mailbox. We can take delivery from all UK supermarkets who offer a delivery service - Sainsburys, ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco. We will box everything up from you and forward your shopping to wherever you are in the world.

This offer is available to all customers. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons we cannot accept delivery of perishable goods.

For peace of mind we offer comprehensive shipping insurance. We can insure your shipment for very reasonable rates to insure against loss or damage.

Available to both standard and premium members on request.

All shipments are sent by a fully tracked service. DHL is our preferable carrier and we will provide you with a tracking number so you can track your package every step of the way.

At we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new service for customers who want to forward more than just parcels. This service has been designed for freight forwarding, whether that be a pallet or an unusually large item.

We are always up for a challenge and if it can be delivered to us we think we can deliver it to you (providing, of course, it isn't listed as one of our prohibited items). We can offer Air Freight, Sea Freight and even door-to-door delivery for such items at a very reasonable cost.

If you would like more details or want a quote please Contact Us with details and dimensions/weight of your item(s) and we will get back to you as soon as we can. welcomes business customers from overseas who would like to gain a presence in the UK. We can receive packages from your suppliers and then send them to your customers throughout the UK and Europe (or even worldwide) at your request. We have a number of business customers who already use this service.

In order to use this service you will need to become a premium member.

We can handle all of your excess baggage for you. This means we can ship your suitcases all around the world so you do not have the pay the extortionate airline lugagge fees. Save money with us.

We can also arrange a return service to get your luggage back from your holiday and ensure you are not charged customs fees as clearly your suitcase includes personal effects and not items of commercial value.

As well as being a UK mail and parcel forwarding service, also offers an import service.

This is primarily targeted at businesses but personal customers can also take advantage. If you need to buy something from a retailer outside the UK you can buy it and we will accept delivery of it. For example, you want to buy some shoes from Italy or some clothes from USA. We can take delivery of these for you and forward them on to wherever you are.

Our business service allows for the import of stock. If you wish to import stock from China you can deliver it to us and then we can forward it on to you or even an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Contact Us today to enquire about something you wish to import.