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Parcel Consolidation And Repacking

If you live outside the UK and want to purchase multiple items from some of the UK’s largest online stores, like Next,, John Lewis, M&S and more, you’re going to need the myUKmailbox package consolidation service.


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What is package consolidation?

Parcel consolidation and repacking allow you to buy goods from several online websites and reduce the number of parcels they’re sent in to save you on shipping costs.


How our parcel consolidation service works.

Consolidation and repacking is available on all of our price plans, whether you pick Starter, Standard or Premium. All you need to do is:

  • Log in to see your packages, and select the ones you want consolidating
  • Add any additional information about your order
  • Once we’ve completed your consolidation, log in to choose which courier you’d like us to ship with
  • Pay and submit
  • Receive your parcels in 1-2 days, rip them open and enjoy!

And that’s it!

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What you can’t use our consolidation and repacking service for.

Our parcel repacking service is for precisely what it says — parcels.

It cannot be used to consolidate standard mail, such as letters, official documents, bank cards, etc. It should never be used as your registered business address. And it also shouldn’t be used for combining prohibited items — a list of which you can find here.


The benefits of using a package consolidation service.

If you’re unsure whether you need the MyUKMailbox parcel repacking service, here are a few benefits it gives you:

Save money

When you consolidate the shipping of your parcels, you not only reduce the number of packages. You save on multiple shipping costs too.

That’s more money in your pocket to spend on, well, even more stuff!

Consolidate your purchases

We repackage your multiple purchases together, so you receive your goods all in one go, rather than separately, one at a time.

Flexible price plans

Our consolidation service is available on every Starter, Standard and Premium price plan. Sign up for a trial before committing, and if the plan no longer suits your needs, upgrade or downgrade whenever you like.

We understand how circumstances change, so we don’t believe in lengthy contracts you can’t change when your situation does.

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Your parcels are in good hands.

To ensure our package consolidation service works as smoothly as possible, we work with some of the world’s leading couriers, including DHL, UPS and Royal Mail, when you need your parcels repacked and forwarded from the UK.

You shop. We ship.

Simple, reliable, fast.

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