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Parcel Consolidation And Repacking



If you receive more than one package at our facility, our team can combine all your items into one box/shipment to save on shipping costs. Starter members can consolidate at a cost of £2.50 per package, and even further savings can be made for Standard or Premium members.

Consolidations on our Standard plan are charged at £1.00 per package. And for Premium, it's free to consolidate up to 30 packages, and any further packages are charged at £4.99 per additonal 10. 

Further savings can be made by opting for our repack service at the consolidation checkout area. If a repack is requested, our team will remove the goods from their existing packaging and repack them into smaller packaging to reduce excess space and minimise shipping costs further.

Our parcel repack service is there for when you want to repack a single package.

Parcel repacks are charged at a fixed price of £9.99 for our Starter and Standard plans. 
And free for Premium members.


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