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Terms and Conditions

Use of Our website

1.1 We, any other party (whether or not involved in creating, producing, maintaining or delivering this Website), and any of our group companies and the officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents of any of them, exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damages, or any loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money, or loss or damages arising from or connected in any way to business interruption, and whether in tort (including without limitation negligence), contract or otherwise) in connection with this Website in any way or in connection with the use, inability to use or the results of use of this Website, any websites linked to this Website or the material on such websites, including but not limited to loss or damage due to viruses that may infect your computer equipment, software, data or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing this Website or your downloading of any material from this Website or any websites linked to this Website.

1.2 You agree to indemnify us fully, defend and hold us, and our officers, directors, employees and agents, harmless from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of any breach of the terms and conditions by you, or your use of this Website, or the use by any other person using your registration details.

1.3 Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that our website is normally available 24 hours per day we cannot be liable for the website being unavailable for reasons outside of our control.

1.4 Access to this Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair, or for reasons beyond our control.

1.5 MyUKmailbox will not permit any illegal activity during use of their site, services or membership. Any legal fees incurred by MyUKmailbox in enforcing the laws of the UK against a customer or potential customer will be the responsibility of the customer.


2.1 Activation of your UK address and/or its use after the effective date hereof will represent your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 On registration you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your online password. You may change your password or other account information at any time from within your membership area.

2.3 Customers from countries that we deem to be a high security risk may face stricter security checks. This may include, but is not limited to, fraud prevention measures including proof of ownership of the credit or debit card to be used.

2.4 Until we are satisfied MyUKmailbox will keep the account inactive.

2.5 MyUKmailbox reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Please review the Terms and Conditions periodically to make yourself aware of any changes. Your continued use of the website following posting of any changes and/or modifications to our Terms and Conditions will constitute your continued acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions.

2.6 Either party may cancel a MyUKmailbox account with written notice via email or letter.


3.1 Parcel Forwarding

  • MyUKmailbox provides a UK address for packages to be delivered to.
  • MyUKmailbox will accept deliveries on your behalf between operating hours shown on our contact page.
  • Once goods are received MyUKmailbox will inspect your goods before they are logged and uploaded to your mailbox. This means packaging may be opened and goods may be disturbed. If the outer packaging is damaged during inspection, MyUKmailbox will repack your goods to ensure that they are suitable for transit.
  • MyUKmailbox does not accept liability for damage caused by the courier prior to accepting delivery of the goods.
  • Customer accounts that receive more than 10 packages daily, may be subject to additional charges. The additional charges will be assessed by our team, depending on the volume of parcels received.
  • Shipping charges levied by couriers for your consignment are based on billable weight, whereby volumetric weight may apply. You must pay these charges to us in advance and we will pay the chosen courier on your behalf as your agent.
  • MyUKmailbox may require additional information with regards to goods being received and dispatched to comply with customs for the destination country.
  • MyUKmailbox will not allow customers to arrange third party collections for their goods.
  • MyUKmailbox will endeavour to dispatch all shipments received within 24 hours. All urgent shipments received before 13:30 GMT during operational hours will be dispatched the same working day. If for any reasons urgent shipments are received after 13:30 GMT they shall be dispatched on the next working day.
  • MyUKmailbox will not be held accountable for any customs duties or taxes levied by the customs authorities once goods arrive at the destination country. Customers should always check customs and local charges prior to shipping overseas.
  • Any fees levied by the courier or broker are the sole responsibility of the customer. MyUKmailbox will not under any circumstances be liable for these charges.
  • The transit times shown on our pricing page are estimates only and do not take into account any delays that may be caused with by customs clearance.
  • Goods which require packing onto a pallet by our team prior to dispatch will incur a special request surcharge of 30GBP per hour for Standard members, and £25.00 per hour for Premium members. 
  • Special request surcharge will be applicable for any service MyUKmailbox deems outside the scope of the orginal request
  • The customer agrees that MyUKmailbox will be not held accountable for the seizure of any consignment by the destination customs authorities, if the consignment contains any goods that are restricted under national/local laws.
  • MyUKmailbox will not dispatch any shipments until full payment is received upfront.
  • All consignments are covered for loss or damage for up to £50 at no additional cost to the customer. For shipments containing goods over this value additional cover can be requested prior to dispatch.
  • All Tracked Royal Mail shipments have a maximum weight limit of 2 kilograms and a maximum declared value limit of £100.
  • For Royal Mail Untracked services, the maximum declared value limit is £50.00, and this option is not applicable to consolidated shipments.
  • Royal Mail shipments must adhere to a maximum combined measurement of 90cm (length + width + height) and should not have any single side longer than 60cm.

3.2 BuyForMe Service

  • MyUKmailbox team members shall purchase goods on behalf of the customer from UK retailers.
  • The handling fee for processing BuyForMe requests are set at 10% of the value of goods purchased. The fee for Premium members is 8% of the value of goods. A minimum handling fee of £15.00 shall apply to all BuyForMe orders
  • All BuyForMe orders must be paid in full prior to any purchases made by MyUKMailbox.
  • BuyForMe orders are to be placed with UK stores only. Any orders requested for goods sold at stores outside the UK shall be not be processed.
  • Customers are not required to be a paid monthly member of MyUKmailbox to use the BuyForMe service.
  • Starter plan shipping rates shall apply for shipping BuyForMe purchases for non-paid members of MyUKmailbox.
  • Shipping rates for paid members for BuyForMe orders are dependent on the chosen membership plan.
  • For BuyForMe orders with a total order value of £500 GBP or more, an international bank transfer will be required.
  • MyUKmailbox reserve the right to reject BuyForMe orders at our own discretion.

3.3 Parcel Storage

  • Items can be stored for up 20 days for Starter members, 30 days Standard members or 60 days Premium members. If the free storage limit is exceeded, a daily charge of £1.00 per day for Standard members, £0.50 per day for Standard members or £0.20 per day for Premium members shall apply.
  • MyUKmailbox will hold items for a maximum of 50 days for Starter or Standard members or 100 days for Premium members. After maximum storage time has lapsed, MyUKmailbox reserves the right to sell or discard the items.
  • Storage charges do not apply to large items or pallets. A fee of £5.00 per day, per item/pallet would apply in this instance. 

3.3 Membership Services

  • We offer three levels of plans, Starter, Standard or Premium, (see our Pricing page for full details).
  • Your membership services start the day we receive your application.
  • Either party may cancel Standard or Premium subscription without notice If the cancelling party deems it appropriate to do so.
  • If membership fees remain unpaid for a period exceeding 30 days and attempts to contact the customer are not successful, then MyUKmailbox reserves the right to rescind their membership without further notice. All packages and mail may be returned to the sender or discarded at the sole discretion of MyUKmailbox. The member forfeits all claim to abandoned items in their mailbox once cancellation has occurred.
  • Membership paid annually will be automatically renewed each year unless the member advises MyUKmailbox that they no longer wish to continue with said membership.


  • Our liability to you in respect of the Services.
  • We will use reasonable skill and care in providing the services.
  • We will be responsible for the loss of your items, or any damage caused to your items whilst they are in our possession, however our liability to you is restricted to The limitations set out in Clause 4.3.1
    1. Our liability to you is limited to losses which are foreseeable, including the cost of repair or replacement of the goods on a like for like basis. Losses are foreseeable if it is obvious that such a loss could arise or, if at the time that the contract is made, both we and you were aware that they may arise, because, for example we have discussed them.
    2. MyUKmailbox will act as your agents in arranging onward transport from our business premises to your nominated final delivery address (“Onward Delivery”). This means that the contract for Onward Delivery is between you and whichever courier service is used for Onward Delivery and not between you and MyUKmailbox. If your items are damaged or lost whilst in the possession of the during Onward Delivery you must claim compensation for such damage or loss from the courier company in accordance with their own Terms and Conditions of business or, if you have purchased additional insurance cover from the courier company, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of that additional cover. In the event of such a damage or loss of your items during Onward Delivery by the courier we will however be happy to provide reasonable assistance in helping you recover compensation from the courier company, if so required.
    3. In Addition, if we;
      1. Fail to take reasonable care, or to use reasonable skill in providing the Services;
      2. Fail to provide the Services in a reasonable time;
      3. If the Services are not in line with the information we have provided to you;
    4. You will be entitled to a reduction in the price you have paid us for the services. Any such price reduction will apply to the amount charged for the Services only and not the courier charges.
    5. However, in no circumstances will our liability to you exceed the sum of GBP500per claim, and because the Services are intended to be used for domestic or personal purposes rather than for business purposes, in no circumstances will we be liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.
    6. All loss/damage claims must be submitted to MyUKmailbox within 10 days upon receipt of your delivery from the courier.
    7. Invoice value must match "value of goods" amount provided for the shipment. Under no circumstances will a claim payment exceed the "value of goods" sum submitted on the commercial paperwork at the time of shipping. 
    8. Claims for refund of payment including but not limited to carrier, service and membership charges, must be sent via written comminication to MyUKmailbox within 30 days of original payment date. Any claim submitted after this time may be settled by discretion of MyUKmailbox.
    9. Invoice(s) showing the cost of goods/services must be provided to MyUKmailbox in order to process any courier/refund claims.  


  • MyUKmailbox operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 0900 hours to 17:30 hours UK local time.
  • All prices displayed are in Great British pounds.
  • The customer’s address should only be used for receiving UK purchases and packages.
  • Under no circumstances should a customer’s UK address be used to receive regular mail, bank/financial account statements or any other official documentations.
  • Should MyUKmailbox receive a chargeback for any payments received by a customer, then the customer's account may be immediately terminated, and all packages will be returned to origin or disposed of.
  • MyUKmailbox withhold the right to reject any incoming deliveries from outside the EU.
  • We may at our sole discretion cease communication with and terminate the membership of a MyUKmailbox Registered Member that we deem to be using abusive or threatening behaviour towards our employees, company, partners or customers. You agree that in such events we may dispose of, in any way we see fit, any goods that are being held within your mailbox. 

Prohibited Items

The following items cannot be sent to any country under any circumstances.

  • Explosive Materials
    1. Fireworks of any type.
    2. Ammunition, Cartridges for Weapons, Gunpowder.
    3. Helium or any other Volatile Gases.
    4. Weapons, Weapon Parts, Detonators including Imitation Weapons.
    5. Safety Matches, Torch or Cigarette Lighters.
    6. Airbags for Cars.
    7. Life Jackets and Self-Inflating Life rafts.
    8. Seat Belts.
    9. Camping Stoves and Fuel Containers.
    10. Christmas Crackers.
  • Flammable Items
    1. Cooking Fuel or any other Flammable Liquids.
    2. Paint and Turpentine.
    3. Compressed Air or other Compressed Gas Cylinders.
    4. Gasoline.
    5. Aerosols and Perfumes.
    6. Nail Varnish/Polish and Nail Varnish Remover.
    7. Mercury Barometers and Thermometers.
    8. Alcohol.
    9. Hair Curlers containing Hydrocarbon Gas.
    10. Loose Batteries including Power Banks. 
    11. Lighters.
  • Toxic or Infectious Substances
    1. Clinical waste.
    2. Biological cultures, samples or specimens.
    3. Medical cultures, samples or specimens.
    4. Tear gas or related substances.
    5. Motor fuel antiknock products.
    6. Dyes.
    7. Pesticides.
    8. Alkaloids or acids.
    9. Arsenates, Arsenic or Arsenic compounds.
    10. Cyanides, Barium compounds or Lead compounds.
    11. Mercury or Mercury compounds.
    12. Antimony, Selenium or their compounds.
    13. Chloroform.
    14. Any Radioactive materials.
    15. Any other substances considered poisonous not listed above.
  • Narcotics
    1. All illegal drugs, including Khat.
    2. Tobacco, and Smokeless Tobacco Products, Snuff or Chewing Tobacco.
    3. E-Cigarettes, Vapes , E- liquids or any products that contain nicotine.
    4. Anabolic Steroids or Growth Hormones.
    5. Legal Highs.
    6. Any unidentified substances that we deem to be suspicious
    7. Prescription drugs or over the counter medicine.
    8. CBD Oil 

    If any substances in the above category are found, we reserve the right to discard the goods and/or inform the police and HM Customs.

  • Other Items
    1. Credit Cards, Debit Cards or any other type of Finance-Related Cards.
    2. White Goods.
    3. Living or Dead Animals, Plants and other Organisms.
    4. Plant Seeds
    5. Perishable Food Items, including carbonated drinks.
    6. Cash, Cheques, or any other type of Vouchers with a Redeemable Value.
    7. Body Parts, Human Remains or Cremated Remains.
    8. Precious Metals or Precious Stones.
    9. Animal Skin, Fur or Hide.
    10. Knives Swords and other Sharp-edged Items.
    11. Semen, Blood, Lab Samples or other Human or Animal Body Fluids.
    12. Magnets.
    13. Lottery Tickets
    14. Pornography.
    15. Corrosive Substances.
    16. Counterfeit Goods.
    17. Dry Ice.
    18. Regular mail/letters, including but not limited to, official Documents (e.g. Passport, Driving License etc.).
    19. Printer Ink.
  • Restricted Items

    The Following items can be sent but will not be covered against loss or damage.

    1. Furniture (other than flat-packed).
    2. Works of Art.
    3. Personal Effects.
    4. Jewellery, including Watches.
    5. Antiques.
    6. Liquids.
    7. Confectionery/Chocolate
    8. Televisions.
    9. Computer Hardware, Laptops and Tablets.
    10. Glassware