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UK to US Parcel Forwarding

Effortlessly Purchase and Ship Items from the UK to the US

Sending packages between the UK and US was once complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Thankfully, not anymore.

At myUKmailbox, we make it easy.

Our UK-to-USA parcel forwarding service is straightforward and hassle-free, the distance feels like hardly anything at all.

  • Simple sign-up
  • Super-fast delivery
  • Flexible price plans
  • Package consolidation
  • 5-star reputation
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UK to USA Parcel Forwarding

How UK to US Parcel Forwarding Works in 6 Easy Steps

The cost of shipping goods to US from the UK is one of the biggest reasons Americans miss out on the latest must-have items from online UK retailers. But what if there was an easy and affordable way to ship goods to the other side of the world?

Well, there is.

Sign up to myUKmailbox: the easy-to-use, faff-free UK to US parcel forwarding service.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for myUKmailbox and gain access to your virtual UK mailing address. Now you’re ready to start your online shopping adventures.

Step 2

Use Your UK Address

When you reach the checkout, use your new UK delivery address to send your purchases straight to us.

Step 3

Stay Updated

We'll keep you in the loop with updates once your parcels arrive at our depot.

Step 4

Keep an Eye on Your Orders

Log in to your account to see all the goodies waiting for you.

Step 5

Organise Your Delivery

Choose which items you'd like us to forward to you and pick your preferred courier service.

Step 6


Sit back and wait for your package to be delivered by express courier within 4-6 business days. When it arrives, tear it open and enjoy.

Shop the UK’s Most Popular Brands

The UK is home to some of the world’s most popular and well-loved brands. Some well-known UK brands include Burberry, known for their iconic trench coats and luxury fashion, and Superdrug, a pharmacy chain that sells healthcare and beauty products.


But the UK is also home to many classic and beloved food and drink brands, like Cadbury chocolate, Yorkshire Tea, Bisto, Branston, Colman’s mustard and McVities biscuits.


By signing up to myUKmailbox, you can get access shopping online to all of these UK-based brands and more:

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4 Reasons to Choose myUKmailbox


Fast shipping:

to US service from the UK, your parcels will be sent by express shipping and packages shipped usually arrive within 4-6 business days.


No more international shipping barriers:

send a parcel from the UK to US without worrying about international shipping restrictions and customs documents.


Lower shipping costs:

save money on shipping and get discounted rates on other parcel forwarders.


Convenient consolidation and parcel storage:

consolidate larger parcels to save money on shipping and store your packages for free in our warehouse.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It — myUKmailbox Reviews

UK to US America Parcel Forwarding FAQs

How long does shipping take from the UK to the US?

Our express UK to US parcel delivery services usually takes 4-6 business days (less than a week!) to deliver.

However, be aware that shipping times can vary due to the distances involved. Plus, there is always the possibility of delays at customs due to customs clearance procedures which can effect how soon you receive packages.

Delays like these are out of our control, but rest assured, myUKmailbox will work hard to get your packages to you as quickly as possible.

How much is shipping from the UK to the US?

The cost of shipping parcels from the UK to countries in US varies depending on the package weight, chosen shipping method, and any additional services you might request.

It's best to use a shipping rate calculator or contact myUKmailbox directly to get a more accurate estimate of shipping costs for your specific needs.

Also, the myUKmailbox membership payment plan you choose may affect the cost of shipping.

Can I shop in the UK?

Yes, absolutely!

Signing up for myUKmailbox allows you to shop at any UK online retailer without worrying about international shipping restrictions.

Just use your UK mailing address at checkout, and your packages or international parcel will ship directly to our UK warehouse.

From there, we'll handle the rest and ensure that your packages are forwarded to you in the US quickly and efficiently. No more missed opportunities to bag those must-have items from your favourite UK brands.

Can you ship multiple items?

We sure can!

Our package shipment consolidation service team can repack multiple packages from different stores into one larger box or parcel.

The result?

All your items are delivered together, saving you money on shipping costs.

You beaut!

Are there prohibited items you cannot ship to US?

Knowing what items can and cannot be shipped internationally to US will help you avoid headaches or delays. You can ship many items without issue, but there are some overseas and country specific restrictions due to international transport, customs regulations or other factors.

Flammable items and hazardous goods, like aerosols, perfume and nail polish cannot be shipped with most forwarders.

If you're unsure what items you can purchase and ship, please check with our team for further information, we’re happy to help and advise customers through our assisted purchase service.

What courier services do you work with to ship my parcels?

We work with express courier services to ensure your packages are delivered safely and efficiently. Currently, we use Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, and FedEx for smaller packages.

And we also have a dedicated freight team to handle larger items or pallets.

This excellent services allows us to offer a range of shipping options such as parcel tracking to ensure we can accommodate the needs of our customers, no matter what they're shipping.

Got more questions?

Read More of Our FAQs

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Want to send a parcel, small or large packages from the UK to USA? Then try myUKmailbox, the superfast UK to USA parcel and mail forwarding service with a range of options to suit your shipping needs. For all your USA parcel forwarding needs, try mkUKmailbox.

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