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uk to us parcel forwarding by airplanes, trucks

UK to US Parcel Forwarding

Welcome to the world of parcel forwarding.

You’ve probably heard of this service, but you might be wondering: what is it, and why should you care? Well, we’re here to tell you.

But before we get into the details, let’s take a step back and talk about parcel forwarding as a concept. It’s an increasingly popular solution for people who want to buy items from other countries, from stores that don’t ship internationally. 

These services offer you the option to pay less, and combine all your purchases together as one to be shipped to your home country. Additionally, most package forwarding companies offer free storage for a certain amount of time, so you don’t need to worry about paying storage fees whilst you wait for more purchases to arrive.

There’re many different options for shipping from the UK to the US, and if you’ve wondered how to do it, this article will help. 

So what Is UK to US Package Forwarding?

Package forwarding from UK to US is a service that allows you to shop in the UK at any online retailer, and have all your packages shipped with a UK-based parcel forwarding company to the USA.

With parcel forwarding, you can have the freedom to shop from online stores that wouldn’t normally deliver to you. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way of getting your goods from the UK to the US.

How Does Package Forwarding Work?

Once you’ve decided to use a parcel forwarding service, you’ll be provided with a UK address, which is to be used as your delivery address when shopping online. After your package is delivered, you’ll be notified, and provided with shipping options to forward the package on to your US address.

The most common shipping method is normally by a courier, such as DHL, UPS, or Fedex. These couriers allow you to track your packages from the minute they’re picked up from the forwarder, right up to your doorstep.

Another option is to arrange your own collection by a courier of your choice. Some forwarders do allow this, and normally charge a handling fee for the service.

Once you’ve chosen a package forwarding company, you’ll need to complete a customs declaration for the items you are sending. This normally includes  filling out a form that lists the items you’re shipping, their value, quantity, weight and more. 

You’ll also need to provide contact details, such as an email address and phone number in case there’s any issues with your delivery so the courier can reach you. Oh, and your shipping address too, otherwise the courier won’t know where to deliver too!

Why Use a UK to USA Shipping Service

courier waiting to release a package from UK to a US customer

There are several reasons why you might use a package forwarding service if you want to ship an item from the UK to the US. Here’s several reasons:

Fast Delivery Times

If you’re shipping something from the UK to the USA via a courier, you can be sure that it will arrive fast. Most parcel forwarding companies will send your package by air, which means delivery to the USA from the UK can be as quick as one to two days. Unless, you’re shipping something very large or very heavy, like a pallet. In which case, it may take longer.

Provides Peace of Mind When Shopping Internationally

We’ve all been there, at the last stage of checkout when we realise the store won’t ship internationally. We cuss, we scream, heck we might even cry. 

Using a parcel forwarder can eliminate these worries and give you peace of mind when a store won’t deliver to your US address. It’ll give you complete freedom to shop and ship from the UK, without the need to worry about international shopping barriers.

Lower Shipping Costs

Along with faster shipping, you’ll also benefit from great savings on courier rates, since most forwarders have very favourable discounts, due to the volume they send through the couriers. 

You’ll often find that the price to pay to ship with a forwarder, is heavily discounted against the cost the courier would charge if you were to ship with them directly. 

Free storage, makes it convenient

Most forwarders will provide free storage for every package you receive. For example; myUKmailbox gives every customer a minimum of 30 days storage in our warehouse. This means you don’t have to worry about storage charges mounting up, whilst you’re waiting for further packages to arrive.

 Package Consolidation

Speaking of which, as well as storing your packages for free, most forwarders let you combine packages together, using A package consolidation service. What this means is you can buy from several stores, and have everything repacked into one larger parcel. Meaning you’ll only pay one shipping charge, instead of several. How great is that?!

Assistance With Custom Clearance

If there’s any problems with customs clearance when your parcel arrives at its destination, a parcel forwarding service will be able to deal with these issues on your behalf. And because most have years of experience in the industry, they’ll have the expertise and know-how to solve any issues that may arise. 

They’ll also know how to complete paperwork correctly, and what paperwork is required, to help prevent unnecessary delays as your parcel passes through the courier network. 

Are There Any Items That I Can’t Ship From the UK to the US?

Whilst a lot of items can be shipped internationally to the US, some can’t. So it’s important you know whether an item can be shipped before sending it to a forwarder. The last thing you want is a headache having to return an item which cannot be shipped.

Most hazardous goods cannot be shipped due to international transport regulations. Items that are flammable such as perfume, nail polish and aerosols cannot be shipped with most forwarders . 

If in doubt, check with the forwarder. Most will show a list of items that cannot be shipped on their website. It’s also worth checking for any import restrictions from your governing body, as some US states have different restrictions to others.  

How To Choose a UK Forwarding Service to USA

If you’re looking to move a shipment or buy something from the UK to the US, it’s important that you choose a packaging forwarding service that is reliable, affordable, and most importantly knows what they’re doing. 

I cannot stress that last part enough. You also want to choose a company with a good track record of handling exports and imports, and one that provides an excellent service.  

A quick Google search for a UK forwarding service with a good reputation is all you need to do. You’ll notice, after reading customer reviews, who the good ones are, and who to avoid. Because if someone’s had a bad experience with a forwarder, you can be sure they’ll let other people know about it.

How myUKmailbox Can Help

We’re a parcel forwarding service provider with over 10 years in the trade. And we’ll provide you with competitive shipping rates for international UK to US parcel forwarding.

You’ll enjoy flexible pricing that suits your requirements. So whether you plan to shop and ship from the UK often, or just one time, we’ve got you covered. 

We work with the best couriers to get your packages to your doorstep fast. What’s more, we maintain a solid 4.6 feedback score on Trustpilot for the service we provide. And we’ve negotiated excellent discounts from the couriers we work with, and those discounts are passed on to you. This means you’re always getting the best shipping prices.  

So if you enjoy shopping online internationally and need help from a forwarding service to get your items to you fast. One that you can trust and rely on, then myUKmailbox is the answer. Let us worry about handling the shipping, whilst you enjoy the shopping. 

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