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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) offers a large number of services with various solutions for every type of customer. We cater for everyone all over the world. This is a showcase of the services we have on offer. Click on them for more information.


Can I ship my goods to an address in the UK?

Unfortunately MyUKmailbox does not ship domestically within the UK at this time.

Can I arrange collection for my goods?

No, under no circumstances will third party collections be allowed from our facility.

Can I ship a pallet or large item through MyUKmailbox?

Yes we can accept pallets or . We work closely with a freight forwarding team who can handle these requests at a very reasonable cost. Please contact our support team for a shipping quotation.

Are my goods insured whilst in transit?

All Shipments dispatched with a courier are covered with a free standard liability cover for up to £50.00. Additional liability cover is available for add-on at checkout. Most content can be insured but there are some limitations which we have displayed on our Terms and Conditions page.

I missed the delivery of my parcel, what can I do?

In most circumstances the courier should reattempt the delivery however we recommend contacting the courier customer services who are holding the parcel to arrange an alternative delivery date. If the courier is unable to deliver your goods they may request for the goods to be returned to us.

Can I revalue the commercial invoice in order to reduce import duty?

Under no circumstances can we devalue goods in order to reduce import duty. All shipment submissions are manually checked by our shipping team and we may ask for proof of value if we feel the shipment value provided is inaccurate.

How long will my shipment take to reach me?

Shipment transit times can vary depending on the mode of transport chosen or destination the goods are going to. You will find a shipping calculator on our pricing page which will provide you with an indication of how long the goods will take to reach your destination. Please note, the transit times displayed on our shipping calculator are estimations only.

Why isn’t my shipping address available to select at checkout?

As part of our shipping screening process all shipping addresses must be verified by our admin team. The process normally takes no longer 48 hours. If you find your international address isn’t available to select after this time please contact our support team immediately.

How much will it cost to ship a package?

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Feel free to use our rate calculator for estimating shipping costs. Our rate calculator can be found at the bottom of our pricing page.

What couriers does MyUKmailbox offer?

MyUKmailbox currently works with Royal Mail, DHL, DPD and Fedex for packages. For larger items or pallets we work closely with a freight team to handle these requests.

My goods arrived damaged, what can I do?

MyUKmailbox will always try to ensure that your goods are suitably packaged for international travel. If you find your goods arrive damaged, please let our support team know as soon as possible. We will work with the courier and make a claim for damaged goods on your behalf. For peace of mind we recommend that you opt for additional liability cover for high value goods. This option can be selected at the shipment checkout area.

How do I convert KG to lbs for the shipping calculator?

Our shipping calculator will accept calculations for KG only. If you wish to view prices for lbs, this can be obtained by using a unit converter online or by multiplying the weight in KB by 2.2046

What is volumetric weight and how does this apply to shipping costs?

Volumetric weight is a formula that is used to determine the size of the package as opposed to its physical weight. Couriers will often charge based on “billable” weight which is either the actual weight of the package or by how much space the package will occupy within an aircraft (volumetric weight).

The higher weight value is used for determining the billable weight.

A simple formula can be used to help determine a parcels volumetric weight by multiplying it’s length x width x height and dividing by 5000. you can read more on volumetric weight here.

How can I ship my package?

Shipping requests can be submitted by the selecting the ship icon action from your dashboard area.

Where can I see how much a shipment will cost me?

Feel free to use our rate calculator for estimating shipping costs. Our rate calculator can be found at the bottom of our pricing page.

Can I track my package once it is dispatched?

All shipments that are sent via a courier are fully trackable however there're are some destinations that are only partially tracked for Royal Mail consignments.

Do I have to pay VAT?

All our shipping charges are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Are there any other additional fees that I will need to pay once my package arrives at my destination?

Local customs charges may apply depending on the contents value and destination the shipment is being delivered to. We recommend that you check with your governing body regarding this matter.