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Surviving the End of Winter

13 Essentials for Surviving the End of Winter

Snow. Cold. Sleet. Ice.

At first it’s a winter wonderland.

And then it’s just miserable slush that freezes and melts into a predictable cycle.

Winters can feel long, especially when you feel pinned in by winter conditions that make it challenging to get outside or breathe fresh air. There are days you long for the sunshine and a bit of warmth. A taste of spring. A hint of the long, sunny days to come.

While spring may be just around the corner, it’s not here yet. The promise of spring can help keep you motivated, but waiting another month for the snows to melt and the green grass to appear can feel interminable.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is just making it through to the other side. We’re almost there, but you can make the time pass by more quickly and much more comfortably with a few new essentials.

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Check out our list below of what we think everyone working their way through the dregs of winter should have on hand.


JournalIf you’re forced to stay inside for long stretches of time, why not use that opportunity to reflect on your own mental health? Journaling is a powerful tool for helping you process thoughts and emotions as well as organize all of the things that flow around in your mind. You can use your new journal to make bullet points, draw pictures, prioritize essential items and feel terrific after the fact.

Fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socksThe winter is the best time of the year if you like to have warm and comfortable feet. Summer is too hot for the type of plush fuzzy socks that winter seems to be made for. Sit down by the fire with a cup of coffee and a good book and put your feet up…inside some terrific new socks.


Bath bombs

Bath bombsSoak your cares away in a luxurious bath. If the winter months have your feeling cold and achy, a hot bath is just the thing to help you relax and loosen up those tight muscles. You can turn your hot bath into a time of fun and healing as well with the help of fun and therapeutic bath bombs. Drop the bomb into your bath water and watch it bubble and churn as it releases fragrance, color and maybe even glitter.

New books

New booksIf you’re going to sit by the fire, you’re definitely going to want to sit there with a good book. That means it’s time to update your shelves and find some of the latest bestsellers to keep your energy and attention up as the winter storms rage and the night descends early.


Classic movies

Classic moviesTired of reading or need something for the whole family? Why not sit back to watch a movie together? Sure you can always watch a new release, but the best family movies are often the classic films from your youth that you can relive with friends or family. Show your own children what you loved when you were their age and the might even learn a thing or two.

Tea or Coffee

Tea or CoffeeA hot drink is just the thing on a cold day. This is a perfect time to try a new sampler of coffee or tea. New flavors are released periodically and since the cold weather goes so well with warm beverages, it stands to reason that this is the absolute best time of year to pick up something new and interesting from your favorite line or form one you’ve never tried before.


MoisturizerThe cold weather brings chapped elbows and split skin on your abused hands. Dry and flaky skin is no fun at all, which makes a rich moisturizer that much more valuable. You can get a typical moisturizer or have a bit of fun with the scented variety. If you want to feel like spring is just a bit closer – go ahead and grab some of the latest spring and summer scents.


ExfoliatorBefore you put that new moisturizer to use, however, you should definitely take some time to use a new exfoliator. You can get a gentle exfoliator like a sugar scrub for your face, but your body – and all of that rough skin – can be smoothed away with a bit more enthusiasm. Scrub yourself pink and then lather on the cream and you’ll be ready for the beach, even if the weather isn’t.


HumidifierTo keep your fresh, clean skin looking fresh and clean, consider a humidifier for at least one room in your home. A humidifier will help to combat the forced, dry air pouring out of your heater and help prevent the loss of moisture in your skin, hair and lungs. It’s easier to breath air that isn’t parched and dry, which might help stave off that last winter cold as well.

Sheets and pillowcases

Sheets and pillowcasesIf it’s going to look and feel like night time all season long, go ahead and treat it that way. Spring for some new sheets and pillow cases. Skip the flannel, of course, and go for the lightweight cotton sheets in bright spring colors or the classic white. Wash those new sheets and put them on the bed and you can pretend, at least, that you’re taking a soothing afternoon nap before hitting the pool again.

Yoga mat

Yoga matIt’s time to get in shape for spring! The sweat pants and bulky jackets are going away soon, so it’s time to do some stretches and limber up for shorts and t-shirts that are just around the corner. A new yoga mat will give you the space and protection you need to follow your favorite yoga program on your computer or favorite streaming device.

Athletic shoes

Athletic shoesReady to trade in those bulky snow boots? Sure sandals would feel great on your toes, but a new set of athletic shoes might be the better choice. A new set of sneakers will encourage you to head to the gym or perhaps just outside to take a walk when the ice starts to melt so that you can be outside getting some exercise as you breathe the first deep breaths of spring.


CameraUse these last weeks of winter to get started with a new hobby. Buy a new camera and you can learn the right settings for some terrific pictures at home or outside. Be ready for the first leaves of spring as they unfurl on the trees or that first flower that breaks through the dirty snow to let you know that spring is finally here.

The nights may be long, but the days are growing. The worst of the winter is quickly fading away and you’re in the homestretch. Find what makes you more comfortable during these long weeks and you might find that you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving!

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