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10 May, 2024

Understanding US Customs Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Import from the UK?

If you live in the United States and want to import goods in bulk from the United Kingdom, you must be aware of US customs fees. If you forget to factor that in, your bank account might be in for a nasty surprise. But we’ve got your back if you don’t know where to start.In […]

09 Nov, 2023

The 10 Best UK Skincare Brands and Where to Find Them

Taking care of your skin not only keeps conditions like eczema and psoriasis at bay, but it’s also good for keeping it soft, silky and young-looking. If you’re serious about your skincare regime, here’s something you might not know. The UK has some of the best skincare brands you can buy. The ten best UK […]

11 Oct, 2023

11 UK Eco Brands You Should Know About

You can’t switch the news on without a story about global warming, ocean plastic, fossil fuels and sustainability. The planet is in the midst of a climate crisis, so it’s never been more crucial to choose eco-friendly brands when you shop online. The eleven best UK Eco Brands you should know about. If you purchase […]

17 Aug, 2023

Dog-eared Deals: The Best Second-Hand Bookshops in the UK

There’s no better feeling than opening the fresh pages of an unread book and inhaling that new book smell. Well, actually, that’s not true. The real joy of books is finding a dog-eared, well-thumbed classic. Love nothing more than curling up with a paperback that’s got more yellow pages than a telephone directory? Then you’ll […]

20 Jul, 2023

Home Improvements Made Easy: The Best UK DIY Stores?

Do-it-Yourself retail stores are just as essential to our way of life as food and drink are. And while you might think that’s an outrageous statement, think about it.  Without DIY stores, we wouldn’t have: – Nuts– Bolts– Tools– Bulbs– Paint– Wood– Bathroom suites Plus, the million other things we barely give a second thought […]

09 Jun, 2023

Top 10 UK Supermarkets for Online Grocery Shopping

A study by the marketing agency Oberlo found that 2.14 billion people shop for groceries online worldwide. An eye-watering 131 million consumers come from the USA alone – of which nearly 50% prefer shopping online over in-store. Let’s face it, online grocery shopping has never been more popular. But if you’re looking in your cupboards, […]

03 May, 2023

Shop and Ship Consolidated Shipments: 3 Clever Hacks to Buy UK Brands From Wherever You Are

When buying from your favourite UK brands, like Dr Martens, Hamleys, Burberry – and many more – you need to think about how to shop and ship consolidated shipments. If you don’t, you can run into a couple of problems. Why you need to shop and ship consolidated shipments. Purchasing from several online UK stores […]

05 Apr, 2023

How to Find Consolidation Shipping in the UK

We know you love buying goods from great British brands, like John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges – and countless dozens more. But what isn’t so lovely is finding consolidation shipping in the UK to wherever you are that doesn’t cost the earth. And when you struggle to find an affordable or easy-to-use parcel consolidation […]

10 Feb, 2023

Are UK-made Dr Martens Better Quality?

Dr Martens are one of the UK’s most recognisable brands and one of the country’s most popular range of boots. In fact, in 2006, the BBC named it one of the most iconic British designs in history. With that in mind, you’d expect the answer to the following question the be yes: “Are UK-made Dr […]

16 Jan, 2023

How to get a Fortnum and Mason USA delivery

In 1707, Hugh Mason and William Fortnum opened a small candle store on Duke Street, London, selling half-used candle wax from Queen Anne. Fast forward over three hundred years, and Fortnum and Mason are now one of the biggest and most recognisable names in the UK and worldwide. With that in mind, not only does […]

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