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are UK-made dr martens better quality

Are UK-made Dr Martens Better Quality?

Dr Martens are one of the UK’s most recognisable brands and one of the country’s most popular range of boots. In fact, in 2006, the BBC named it one of the most iconic British designs in history.

With that in mind, you’d expect the answer to the following question the be yes:

Are UK-made Dr Martens better quality?

But did you know that since 2002, 99% of Dr Martens are made in Asia? 

And only 1%, their Made in England range, is made in the UK?

What’s the difference between UK and non-UK-made Dr Martens?

You can look at production in two ways:

  1. The main factory in Asia should produce the higher-quality boot for mass-production

  1. The small factory in the UK, concentrating solely on one product, should produce a higher-quality boot

They’re both good, logical points, but when it comes down to it, which of the above two statements is correct?

Are UK-made Dr Martens better quality, or is it their Asian counterparts?

The answer is the UK. That’s not to say you should disregard boots not part of the Made in England range. Every pair of Dr Martens are made to an exceptional standard. But when it comes to comfort and quality, you really need to check out what’s coming out of the factory in Wollaston.

Why choose the Dr Martens 1460 Made in England line?

There are several differences in quality between normal Dr Martens and the Made in England range:

– Better quality leather

The 1460 Made in England range is made from sturdier Quilon and Horween leather. You end up with a more resilient leather upper and a longer-lasting boot that’ll look pretty damn awesome, even with a few years of wear in them.

– No top cover

The top lip of normal Dr Martens is covered, whereas the Made in England range doesn’t, allowing you to see the quality grain of the leather. It’s only a small thing, but it shows how much thought has gone into showing you the quality.

– Moudable felt midsole

The Made in England range includes a felt midsole that moulds itself to your foot and maintains comfort over time. Boots made in Asia have a foam midsole which, while still comfortable, deteriorates with use.

– High-quality welt

The welt that attaches the boot to the sole is also much stronger, which means there’s a much slimmer chance of the sole detaching with wear and tear.

Are there any cons to the Made in England range?

Are UK-made Dr Martens Better Quality?

When it comes to drawbacks, there are a couple of minor quibbles compared to the standard range:

– Break-in time

As you’d expect with higher quality leather, the Made in England range takes a little longer to break in and shape to your foot.

It’s far from a deal breaker though, and shouldn’t put you off.

– Cost

You get what you pay for, so while Made in England Dr Martens are significantly more expensive than others in the line, quality costs. However, they’ll last longer. So, in the long run, you’re saving on not purchasing a replacement.


These are the only real gripes people have expressed but are they really enough to stop you from buying your favourite shoe brand?

We think not.

How do I get a pair?

Grabbing a pair of Made in England Dr Martens couldn’t be easier as you can find them on several UK websites, including:

Be sure to check the above sites and look for the best discounts and sales to bring the price down even more.

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