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US customs fees

Understanding US Customs Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Import from the UK?

If you live in the United States and want to import goods in bulk from the United Kingdom, you must be aware of US customs fees. If you forget to factor that in, your bank account might be in for a nasty surprise.

But we’ve got your back if you don’t know where to start.In this article, we will help you understand US customs duty and the cost of importing from the UK.

So, what is customs duty?

Customs Duty is a tax on goods that are transported across international borders. The reason for this tariff is to protect each country’s economy, jobs, residents, jobs, environment, etc. 

And it also controls the import of restricted or prohibited goods, too.

How much do US customs fees cost?

The customs duty figure will always vary depending on the country of origin,  product type, and the number of goods imported. 

So, even if you’re only shipping bulk goods from the UK to the US, fees will vary depending on what it is and fluctuating factors, like the exchange rate at the time of import.

To help you calculate your import duty more accurately, you’ll need a HTS code.

What is an HTS code?

A Harmonised Tariff Schedule code (HTS) is a product classification code used on imported goods coming into the US. It’s usually between 8 and 10 digits, with the first six digits being the same as the HS code for your goods and the remaining digits for additional classification.

With an HTS code, you can estimate the duties your shipment will have to pay when it enters the USA.

Do I pay customs duty on all UK to US imports?

The good news is – no, you don’t! The minimum threshold for paying import tax is $800, so if your goods cost less than this, you’ll have no duty to pay.

How do you calculate UK to US import customs fees?

As you’d expect, import tax will depend on the type and amount of goods you’re importing. For example, you’re importing walking sticks from the UK to the US, totalling $15,000.

You need to check the commodity code for the percentage of tax applied to walking sticks, which, let’s say, for ease of calculation, is 5%. 

A quick calculation tells you that 5% of $15,000 is $750 – so you pay $15,750.

How do you pay US import tax?

If you have to pay customs duty on deliveries, US customs will either contact you or your courier to let you know:

How much you need to pay

When payment is due

If you’ve done your pre-calculation correctly, there shouldn’t be any shocks.

Also, if you ask your supplier to send you the shipping invoice beforehand, you can pay the customs charge before your purchases arrive in the US, saving you time and worry.

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US customs fees

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