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top 10 german stores

Shop Germany: The top 10 German stores you should know about?

What’s the one thing you know about shopping with myUKmailbox?

That we only offer shopping and shipping from the United Kingdom, right?

Actually, wrong.

And we’ve got an announcement that’ll be Oompah music to your ears.

Introducing the new myUkmailbox depot in Germany!

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered.

Due to popular demand, myUKmailbox now has a depot in Markranstädt, Germany, which means your shopping world just got a lot bigger.

If you’re already a subscriber, shopping from German online stores couldn’t be easier.

You don’t need a second account. All you need to do to access our new warehouse address is:

Log in to your account

Select between the UK and Germany addresses in the drop-down menu

Type in the address when you checkout at your favourite online store

If you’re not a subscriber, you can find out more on our German warehouse announcement page. Or, if you don’t need any convincing, you can head straight to our sign-up page.

The ten best German stores you need to know about

A new marketplace opens up brands you won’t have had access to or even known about before.  With that in mind, here are ten of our favourite German online stores you should check out:


Yes, there’s an Amazon where you are, but now you have the bonus of picking up some pretty cool German-only products. 

So, whether you’re looking for a Bavarian-style lamp, want the latest German films and music, or you just want to get lost down the rabbit hole of goodies another country’s Amazon has to offer, start with a site that feels totally familiar.


2. Lampenwelt

Lampenwelt is one of Germany’s most prestigious lighting companies – and there are thousands of indoor and outdoor lamps to choose from.

Whether it’s minimalist, modern or industrial, wood, plaster, metal, glass or fabric, you’ll be blown away by the sheer number of lighting choices. And they work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including designers like Monica Armani, Lucie Koldova and Le Klint.

They’re also big on combining opposing styles, like their Japandi range, which fuses Japanese and Scandinavian designs to create something harmonious and spectacular.

Shop Lampenwelt

3. MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt, or Media Market as it would be known in English, is more than just a marketplace. It’s the home of German electricals – and how.

TVs, coffee machines, white goods, game consoles, smartphones, laptops, heck, even electric toothbrushes.

If your home needs a makeover, you’ll spend hours getting lost on this site, but believe us, you won’t mind getting lost.

There’s so much to choose from.

Shop MediaMarkt

4. Otto

Otto is a cross between Amazon and Dunelm. They sell everything, including furniture, homeware, kitchenware, clothing, tools, and more. The only difference is that their line of goods is tailored to the German consumer.

So, if you want to add a German touch to your home, garden or wardrobe, Otto is the place to go.

Shop Otto

5. Tchibo

Tchibo is a quirky one.

They’re a German coffee chain famous for selling non-coffee-related items.

Yep, you read that right!

You can still pick up some fab German coffee roasts from their website, but they also sell goodies that change weekly, so there’s always something new to see. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, electronics, electrical appliances or household items you’re after, you’ll find something new and original every week on the Tchibo website.

Shop Tchibo

6. Thomann

If you love music, you’ll adore Thomann.

It’s got everything a musician needs, from guitars, drums, pianos and brass instruments to microphones, DJ equipment, lighting and recording software and hardware. Actually, they’ve got way more than that, but we’ll leave you to discover it.

Shop Thomann

7. Brueninger

For the fashion-conscious, you’ll find some fantastic pieces by shopping with Brueninger. They stock some of the world’s leading luxury brands, including BOSS, Gucci, Burberry and Ralph Lauren. But what’s truly great is that there’s something for everyone – women, men and kids!

Oh, and there’s a homeware section, too, so it won’t just be you that looks fabulous; your home will too.

Shop Brueninger

8. myToys

myToys is a website that sells toys and clothing for kids from zero to teenagers. You can pick up learning toys for your toddler or some pretty cool outfits for your teen. Not only that but there’s a Tips & Trends section which will help you pick the right product for your child’s particular needs.

It has everything you could want to keep your kid happy 365 days a year, not just Christmas!

Shop myToys

9. Rossmann

Rossmann specialises in self-care products for women and baby products for the little ones – and the range is massive. You can pick up some make up for a night out with the girls, but you’ll also find baby strollers and clothes to keep the little one safe and snug too.

Got pets?

No problem, there’s a large animal section, so you can treat your favourite fur ball to something special.

Shop Rossmann

10. Bauhaus

Looking to do a spot of DIY?

Then you’re in luck, Bauhaus has everything you need.

From wallpaper, floor coverings and kitchenware to tools, air conditioning and garden products, you’ll find loads of incredible items in their online store.

Shop Bauhaus

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top 10 german stores

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Buy from the best German stores and ship them with myUKmailbox.

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