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best online discounts and voucher websites

Best Online Discounts and Voucher Websites in the UK

With the ever-growing popularity of online shopping, it’s no surprise that there are now a number of websites dedicated to helping shoppers save money. With the rising cost of living due to the economic downturn, consumers have been driven to save money.

With the help of the best online UK discounts and voucher websites, you can save a ton of money on just about anything you want. Who doesn’t love leaving the store with a great bargain? Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to reach your budget goals.

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Below you’ll find a list of some of the most highly regarded deal sites in the UK where you can discover fantastic savings.

Why Do You Need Coupons?

Before we go through the best couponing websites, let’s talk about why you should give it a try. Spending less while still getting great value is possible when using coupons. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, this could pay off in the long run.

Even if you solely use coupons for necessities like food, the money you save can be put to good use. Couponing gives you more wiggle room in your budget, allowing you to spend more money on other items.

Different Types of Coupons

different types of coupons

Before you can even begin couponing, you’ll need to understand the different types of coupons. Make sure to check the details, no matter what coupon type you’re working with.’ If you grasp the small print on your coupons, you may ensure that you are getting the most for your money. Let’s start with the basics:

Manufacturer’s Coupons

The product’s maker distributes manufacturers’ coupons. If you see a coupon for Kraft mac and cheese and it says “manufacturer’s coupon,” that means Kraft issued the coupon. You can use these coupons anywhere that accepts the coupon and sells the product.

Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons

Coupons that can be printed from a website are known as printable manufacturer’s coupons. You can find and get them on the best coupon websites we will cover below. You can also find these fantastic coupons directly on the manufacturer’s websites.

Although these coupons are available on several websites, many have special codes with usage restrictions, so be sure to stick to them.

Store Coupons

These are the standard types of coupons that you will encounter. Retailers issue these coupons, and you can use this only with whoever issues them. You may be able to stack manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons in some circumstances, but it depends on the retailer. A store coupon usually has a logo or wording that indicates that it can only be used at that particular store.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can save you money when you shop online. Many stores provide a field for coupon codes at checkout when you shop. Just remember to add the coupon code before completing your purchase. However, if the coupon code is invalid, the website will inform you right away!


Although cashback is not the same as a typical coupon, it is still a great way of saving money. Cashback may be available in addition to your coupon savings in some situations.

You’ll get your cashback right in the store if you shop physically. In contrast, the cashback will be credited back into your account with the coupon site if you shop online. This rebate is usually provided once you reach a particular amount.

Best Online Discounts in the UK

Looking for the best deals online but not sure where to get them? Here are some of the top websites where you can find fantastic deals.


If you’re a fan of daily deals, you’ve probably heard of Groupon. Groupon is the UK’s best and largest discount code website, giving group-buying offers on anything from shopping and day trips to travel and dining to spas and home goods. Groupon has listed hundreds of UK-based online stores that frequently provide discount codes and free vouchers on its website.

They’ve included every company and category, from online food to clothing and online subscriptions to online tech stores, so that customers may obtain the best coupons and save money.

There are daily offers only accessible for a short period, and they can be for anything you have signed up for.

Best for Trips and vacations. Groupon has a wide variety of categories, but we suggest subscribing to local events and outings. 


  • Easy to join at no cost
  • Sends email announcements daily
  • Accessible anywhere in the UK


  • Time-limited

Hot UK Deals

If you’re looking for ways to save money, Hot UK Deals is the place to go. It is run entirely by the community, so you don’t have to spend a dime to join. You’re likely to see the best deals right away when you check because they’ve been voted on by the millions of site’s registered users. Your search will be facilitated by the site’s creative categorization.

This is best for tech gadgets and gaming discounts. Mobile phones, laptops, and gaming packages, but there are discounts on just about everything else.


  • One of the largest deals sites in the UK and even internationally
  • Best value for tech deals
  • New and fresh deals daily


  • You can be banned for little to no reason


As the name implies, this website provides “Just Wow” discount offers, vouchers, and bargains. Wowcher is a group-buying site that offers discounts on anything from travel deals and beauty treatments to electronics and spa days.

Go to their website to get free discounts, deals, voucher codes, and freebies sent to your phone, laptop, or tablet. Once you’ve signed up you can access a broad range of brands and offers that you won’t find in flyers or stores. You may choose your discounts by accessing the groups of your choice, such as beauty, health, and appliances.

Their deals are discounted at great prices and pretty limited, so subscribe to their email list to ensure you don’t miss out.

Best for UK holidays. Wowcher has it all, but the overnight hotel stays, glamping trips, and other adventures across the UK have particularly pleased savvy consumers. They frequently include significant discounts, including a calendar so you may check availability before purchasing your certificate.


  • Has great deals on days out in the UK
  • Great value for spa breaks and beauty treatments
  • Best deals for holidays and weekend breaks in the UK
  • Wowcher is also an excellent site for picking up household essentials.


  • Furniture deals aren’t always good


It’s the simple, at-your-fingertips method of locating fantastic bargains. Daily, flights, hotels, and vacation packages are researched and collated, providing travelers with hard-to-find offers. 

HolidayPirates specializes in travel deals, including hotel, airfare, and package vacations. They are professionals at discovering unbelievable prices, whether for last-minute travel or early-bird sales. Eurostar tickets start at £29, a New York trip with a historic hotel stay is around £430 per person, and European city breaks cost under £100 per person. They also run coupon promotions for the budget-conscious traveler!

Best for: Of course, as the name implies, holidays! HolidayPirates is a travel deal expert, and their deals are hard to beat. If you need to schedule a trip, check out their website, or follow them on Facebook to get inspiring bargains in your news feed.


  • Easy signup
  • True to their name: best deals for travel

Magic Freebies

Magic Freebies specializes in getting free stuff. Whether free samples, free birthday gifts, or competitions, you’re bound to get something for nothing. It’s always apparent how to get a freebie (mostly, it’s just a quick poll or a task), and there are various options. You can expect sweets, baby food, accessories, and perfume given out for free.

This site is best for make-up and beauty products. There is a lot to choose from, but many cosmetics are the easiest to win, making it an excellent chance to try out things without paying anything.


  • Easy to use platform
  • You’ll get a chance to win loads of prizes
  • Daily freebie newsletter
  • Deals are updated daily


  • First-come, first-serve


Are you craving something but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Ran out of groceries? Supermarket shopping is made easy for you! 

You can now save money on your next food order with GrubHub Perks, including coupon codes, student discounts, and free delivery offers. 

They are striving hard to grow and feature your favorite restaurants and their latest deals so that they can provide their users with the most discount codes and deals possible. Grubhub has the best deals for you!

Best for food discounts. Who doesn’t love food, right? 


  • Ordering online is a breeze
  • Discover new restaurants and learn about their deals


  • Long waiting time

Couponing Hacks for You

Maybe you think saving money, and shopping don’t go together but let us prove to you differently. The first thing towards it is to be productive. Making the most of your money while shopping online is essential when being more frugal. 

You may consider clipping coupons an outdated method of saving money, but the coupon world is now digital and more accessible than ever.

Get a Browser Extension

Enabling a browser extension is one of the best coupon hacks for online shopping. Only a few companies provide quick and simple plug-ins.

Plug-ins locate promo coupons and add them to your shopping basket with a single click. No more searching for websites with codes that are almost always outdated and only rarely work.

Earn Social Media Discounts

You can also use social media in order to get coupons. Popular brands you like often post about their offers and coupon codes frequently, so you avoid missing out on sweet deals by following them. 

The second method of doing this is to search for a product on Google and click on several results but don’t make a purchase. This way, through cookies, you will get brands’ ads on social media. These ads will typically include discounts to persuade you into purchasing their goods. That way, you just scored yourself some savings!

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Visit a website, add some items you’d like to get to your shopping cart, and then abandon it without removing items from it. Make sure to leave your email at checkout or make an account prior so that they can target you with discount emails afterward. 

Retailer software will identify this as an abandoned cart, and they’ll want to turn your interest in their product into a purchase. They’ll often encourage you to buy their goods by sending you an email reminding you about it and providing an incentive such as a promotional code. It’s worth waiting till they email you again if they don’t offer this in the initial email.

Stack Coupons Where Possible 

Some online stores let you use multiple coupons per order. If you cannot combine coupons, ensure that the best coupon is applied. Offers that can be automatically applied to your order during sales events should be disregarded if you have a better coupon code at hand.

Get Coupons from the Best Websites

Multiple coupon apps provide a directory of all coupon-offering businesses.

They also provide coupons that may be instantly printed, accessed, and used online. This allows you to learn about coupons that you otherwise would not have known about.

Final Thoughts

Using coupon websites can help you save money whether you purchase online or in stores. Before you make an online purchase, don’t forget to look for a promo code. Check out coupon websites that offer printable coupons for in-store shopping visits.

Now you’ve explored some of the UK’s best online discount sites, with our UK parcel forwarding service, you can have the deal items you’ve found delivered to us in the UK and then we will forward them to you wherever you are in the world. Combining our services and the best online voucher and discount websites is a match made in heaven!
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