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How To Ship UK Products To India

Have you ever wanted to purchase something from a favorite online retailer, only to be disappointed that they do not ship to your country?

Unfortunately, this scenario is very familiar – especially for those living in India. The good news is, you can shop at online merchants of your choice – and have the products delivered right to your home!

Even if I live in India?


Even if I want to order from the UK?


Here’s how to ship UK products to India – and it’s easier than you thought!

  1. Sign up for a virtual UK address from a third-party shipping company, such as MyUKmailBox
  2. Order your products from the merchant of your choice, using your virtual UK address at checkout.
  3. The merchant will then ship your products to your virtual UK address and they will  be forwarded to your actual home address in India by the third-party shipper you signed up for the address with.

Third-party shippers allow international buyers to use their warehouse address as a UK shipping destination. Once the products ordered by international customers arrive there, the third-party shipper repacks the items and forwards them to the buyer’s home address abroad.

The third-party shippers handle all the details, such as customs regulations and packaging requirements to ensure that the items arrive safely and on time. Fees for such a service vary between shipping companies, but are usually exponentially cheaper than regular international shipping options offered by online retailers.

So whether you want to buy a Kindle E-Reader from Amazon UK for the home or a HP Envy 4523 Wi-Fi All-in-One Printer from Argos for the office – you can!

Even if you live in India.