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What is Volumetric Weight and How is it Calculated?

Volumetric Weight which is also known as Dimensional Weight, in simple terms means the way that couriers calculate how much a package weighs for shipping internationally. This is determined by its size as much as its physical weight.

This is because some airlines charge for shipping based on the amount of space a package will take up on an aircraft.

When calculating the Volumetric or Dimensional weight of a package we are in fact working out the density of the package.

A less dense package will usually take up more space on the plane when compared to its actual weight.

For example, a pillow may not have much in the way of physical weight but the shape and size of the package containing it would mean that it was denser than say, a heavier but smaller package such as a digital camera. (See Illustration below).

A simple formula is used to calculate the Volumetric or Dimensional weight of an item, which is then compared to its actual physical weight: the higher of these two figures gives us the charge we have to apply to ship the item.

How We Calculate Volumetric Weight

We calculate Volumetric Weight by multiplying length x height x width of a package and then divide the result of this by what is called the Volumetric Factor. The weight is then rounded up to the nearest half kilogram to provide the final billable weight as shown on the illustration above.

The factor used varies depending on the unit of measurement of the package, in other words, we divide by 5000 if the package is measured in centimetres, or by 305 if the package is measured in inches.

So to reassure you, the package weight you will be quoted may not reflect the actual weight of the item but you can be confident that you are being quoted what is the fairest calculation of the package dimensions.

We use this method, in common with all the merchants to ensure the best price for your valuable delivery.

Happy Shopping!