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12 Cheap and Brilliant Poundland Hacks

One Pound.

Not more. Not less.

A single pound for something useful.

Something fun.

Something you need, but don’t want to spend much buying it.

This is Poundland.

This is a store that could easily double as a treasure trove of useful items, special purchases and a bit of junk. But no matter what you buy, it’s almost always only a single pound.

So what are the best things to buy for your pound? There are plenty of ways to make your money stretch at Poundland.

Case Deals

Not everything at Poundland is a bargain if you check the size of the item in question. A single tube of toothpaste, for example, may have less product than the typical one you’d buy at the grocery store for more.

But the savings, even on smaller items, definitely add up when you buy a case deal. A case deal is when a bunch of a product is bundled for even less. For example the tube of toothpaste costs one pound. A case of 10 tubes of toothpaste might cost you $5. And that’s where the savings are.

Buy in Bulk Online

The Poundland website seems like a great deal. You can buy items for a single pound online and there is no minimum order required.

But – shipping for that online order is 4 pounds which means you can easily spend twice as much on the same item if you’re just ordering a few things. Save the Poundland website for bulk orders to maximize your savings (and convenience).

Shop in the Morning

The merchandise at Poundland is updated every day as new boxes arrive. Most of the unpacking happens early in the day and the newest items are up for grabs every morning.

While some items at Poundland are staples you can find every day, some of the seasonal and limited items are best to buy first thing in the morning.

Leave Your Snobbish Side at Home

One would hope that people shopping at Poundland aren’t looking for heirlooms. You’re spending a pound on something, it’s not going to necessarily be a designer item. You can find brand names at Poundland, and for some that is comforting.

But the brand names are going to be smaller sizes and less of a deal than the generic brands that sit alongside the branded items on the shelf. Why buy a popular brand name of hand soap when you can buy twice as much of the generic stuff for the same price? It’s soap. Your hands don’t care.

Check for Package Sizes

It’s already been established that Poundland offers items in unconventional sizes much of the time. This keeps prices low, but it can also make the smaller size a bad deal. Buying generic items at Poundland might be a huge savings or it might not.

It depends on how much a similar generic item is going for at the regular grocery store. Unfortunately the only way to know this is to be rather familiar with the quantity and size of products in one store so that you can compare them to the items at Poundland and find the better deal.

The same is true for the brand name items – be sure you’re not spending more simply because you’re buying a smaller size for what seems like less.

Look for Poundland Coupons

There is a huge possibility of big savings when you bring coupons to Poundland. If you can find the right sizes of brand name items. But even if manufacturer coupons aren’t your thing, you can easily snip Poundland coupons and bring those in to save even more on items.

Take Advantage of Weekly Sales

Poundland offers weekly sales that are often two-for-the-price-of-one or heavily discounted items. While most of the items in the store and on the website are a single pound, there are larger items that cost more.

These are excellent buys during the weekly sale if you can catch them at the right time. The one-pound items are often half their normal price during the weekly sale. Just be sure you don’t succumb to the temptation to buy things you don’t need – you don’t save any money if you don’t use what you buy.

Plan Your Parties

Party items are one of the best things to buy at Poundland. Balloons, plates, napkins, invitations, tablecloths, snacks. Everything you need to throw a party except maybe the cake.

Why spend more on printed plates and brightly colored napkins? The ones at Poundland are inexpensive and get the job done just as well!

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Sign up online for the Poundland newsletter and you will learn about specials online and in the store and grab a few coupons as well. The newsletter will alert you to deals in the store and on the website and they aren’t always the same.

With the newsletter you’ll be able to keep an eye on the weekly sales as well and get in the store quickly when the items you need are available for their lowest possible price.

Stick to Branded Products

If you have a concern about a product, it doesn’t pay to go with an unknown. For example if you have sensitive skin that tends to break out with off-brand hand soaps, it’s not a savings for you to buy the generic hand soap that may cause you additional problems.

Even if the branded products are smaller in size than the generic ones, if you know and trust a brand, you’re still almost certainly getting a great deal on the branded item anyhow so go with what you know.

Avoid Impulse Buys

One of the coolest things about Poundland is the sheer volume of the novelties the store offers. You can find the things you need and you’ll find plenty of things that you might just want.

While it’s fun to pick up the occasional treasure you come across, if you grab too many novelties that are fun but not particularly useful for you, it winds up being a significant waste of money and those impulse buys derail your whole money saving operation.

Follow the Crowds

If you’re new to Poundland, you may not know which products are great and which are…not. Your best bet in these cases would be to follow the crowds.

For example, there are large numbers of people who swear by Poundland batteries. For only one pound, it’s easy enough to give them a try and as one of the most popular items at Poundland, other shoppers can’t all be wrong, right?

While those who haven’t tried Poundland might not understand the appeal, the treasure hunt aspect of the store is a huge draw for others. Couple that with the ultra-low prices on certain items and you have the perfect storm of price, selection and fun.