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6 reasons to choose the MyUKmailbox Repack Service

Shopping on the internet can be great fun.

Searching for the perfect goods you want, comparing prices, looking for the best deals and then eagerly awaiting your deliveries with anticipation.

However, sometimes the result can be slightly disappointing.

High shipping costs.

Goods delivered in unsuitable packaging

Items arriving damaged

These are only a small handful of reasons why you may be put off from ordering goods overseas, but did you know that we at MyUkMailbox could help alleviate these issues?

Here are 6 reasons to choose the MyUKmailbox Repack Service

1. Protection for your items that arrive badly packaged.

Some retailers, or individual sellers, can be less than thorough in packing your items for delivery. Flimsy boxes or packets may travel OK locally but will be unsuitable to withstand overseas transportation. We often see parcels arrive that have ripped binding, bent corners, or torn covers.

If goods arrive at our facility in this way, our team can remove the problem packaging and repack your valuable items before they are despatched thus ensuring that they reach you exactly how you would expect them to.

2. Taking care of your precious fragile items.

If you order items that are fragile such as glass or pottery, you want to know that it is protected from the rigours of international transit. Such items, if poorly packaged may not always arrive in the condition you would like. Here at MyUKmailbox we can repack your fragile items in a much more robust way, with appropriate padding, protection and labelling.

You can rest assured if you were to opt for our repack service that your precious items should arrive in the condition you would expect

3. Multiple items from various sellers can be consolidated into a single shipment.

If you were to purchase several items from different retailers, we at MyUKmailbox can repack and consolidate all your goodies into a single shipment giving you the benefit of paying one price for the shipping costs, and the added convenience of your goods arriving in a single delivery, avoiding the hassle of having to be available to receive multiple deliveries.

4. Reducing your overall package size.

When goods arrive at our facility we often find that an item has been placed in a package that is much too large for the goods it contains. This can increase the shipping costs as a parcel is charged on either it’s physical weight or by the space it occupies within an aircraft, also known as the Volumetric Weight. Our team can repack such goods to reduce your overall shipping costs, with the added bonus of leaving less packaging for you to dispose of.

5. Helping business customers distribute their stock effectively.

If you are a small business who wishes to buy goods in bulk for distribution to customers, we can save you the hassle of having to split these consignments into smaller lots for delivery. The myUKmailbox team can repack your items into smaller quantities for delivery to your customers thus saving you the work and freeing up your valuable time.

This is a huge advantage for business customer to use our repack service.

6. Lowering your shipping costs.

Whether you are choosing to have your goods repacked to reduce the packaging size, consolidating multiple items into one consignment, or having your bulk purchases split for redistribution, the service offered by MyUKmailbox will give you the benefit of lowering your overall shipping costs, giving you significant savings with your buying options.