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9 Tips on How to Shop at Aldi and Save Money

Aldi is a German-based chain of retail grocery stores. The Aldi brand arrived in the UK in 1990 and has since expanded to include more than 10,000 global locations – including 500 scattered across the UK.

Aldi is a favorite with UK shoppers because of their low prices and large selection of products. Aldi stores are usually smaller than traditional grocery stores and they do not carry many – if any – brand name products.

Aldi is its own brand, which allows the company to keep their overhead costs low and pass those savings onto their customers.

Aldi has won several awards over the years – including Supermarket of The Year and Grocer Of The Year in 2012 and 2013 respectively. As of 2015, Aldi was the sixth largest grocery retailer in the UK.

Ways To Save At Aldi

It’s no secret that Aldi has great prices on all your household staples.

From cleaning supplies and paper products to choice beef cuts and produce – you can find some amazing deals at Aldi.

However, savvy shoppers know that there is always a way to make a good deal even better – and we have a few ideas of how you can do just that when shopping at Aldi.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to save at Aldi.

Try The House Brand

90% of Aldi’s inventory is their house brand of products. Producing a private label line of products means Aldi is able to keep costs low for their customers. The house brand products are of just as good of quality as more expensive brands, but cost exponentially less. Replacing brand names with house brands can increase your savings dramatically – in just one shopping trip.

Fortnight Savings On Meat And Produce

Every two weeks Aldi features a variety of six meats and vegetables at a deeply discounted price. This promotion is called their “Super Six”. The selection varies and changes regularly so be sure to check back often for the best deals and lowest prices.

In-Store Savings

Aldi doesn’t do a lot of advertising so you will have to get your deal news right from the source.  Check their weekly flyer that you can find in the store or in your local newspaper. Also, be on the look out for unannounced promotions in the store on products you wouldn’t normally buy. You can find some awesome discounts this way and you might even discover a new favorite product to add to your list!

Stock Up

When you find a great deal on products you buy on a regular basis, stock up while the price is low. Because Aldi’s sales are quite random so there’s no guarantee when – or if – those products will be available again. Get the good deal while you can! Alternately, do the same with products you don’t normally buy, especially if the price is too good to pass up.

Buy Your Wine At Aldi

While Aldi doesn’t seem like the kind of place you would go to find fine wine, the truth is it’s there – and it’s incredibly cheap. Aldi rotates their stock often so you never know what you will find when you go. Be sure to check back regularly for the best prices on your favorite spirits – and don’t be afraid to try a new kind, especially if the price is right.

Bring Your Own Bags

If you don’t bring your own shopping bags to Aldi, you’re going to have to pay for them.  Doing that defeats your purpose of saving money, right?  They will probably just end up in the trash when you get home. Your best bet is to invest in reusable bags that you can bring with you every time you shop at Aldi and elsewhere.  Aldi sells them, as do other retailers around the UK.

Skip The Trolly

Even using a trolly at Aldi costs money so avoid it, if you can. If you have several things to buy, opt to find an empty box laying around in the store. They are free, can hold plenty of products and, best of all, they are free! If you brought your shopping bags with you, you can always use those to put your stuff in while you shop.

Shop The Special Buys

Every couple of weeks, Aldi features a range of non-grocery items at a special price. Some of the recently featured items in Aldi’s Special Buys have been bedding, cookware, craft items and electronic items. You can find these specials on the Aldi website, where you can place your order directly.  New products are added each Sunday and Thursday so be sure to check back often and early for the best selection. As an added bonus, Aldi frequently has online sales where you can find even more amazing deals. To make those amazing deals even better, Aldi also offers free delivery on all online orders from time to time as well!

Sign Up For The Aldi Email List

Be sure to sign up for the Aldi email list to receive promotional offers and sale news delivered right to your inbox as they become available. Not only will you receive online offers and deals, you will also receive a head’s up about upcoming sales and specials at your local Aldi locations, too – so that you can plan your shopping trip accordingly without missing out on any savings!