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Black Friday Deals: UK’s Best 2015 Bargains

Black Friday Deals: UK’s Best 2015 Bargains

Black Friday, or the day after America’s Thanksgiving Holiday, is the traditional start to the holiday shopping season. Once upon a time, excited customers rolled out of bed around seven in the morning to grab some great deals from brick and mortar stores offering big discounts on many of the season’s most exciting gifts.

My how things have changed.

Today if you’re up at 7 in the morning, you’re too late for the best deals. In fact, if you wait until Black Friday you may miss the best opportunities all together! Stores, both brick and mortar and online, have been pushing the sales earlier and earlier. First it was midnight and now Black Friday deals often start a day or so before Black Friday. In fact, it’s very possible to snag “Black Friday deals” throughout the month of November.

It begs the question: With all of these changes, how can I be sure to get the best deals?

The simple answer is to simply plan ahead.

Understand the Frenzy of Black Friday

Before you venture forth from your cozy bedroom on a cold November morning, be sure that you understand what it is you’re really getting into. Last year, on Black Friday alone, U.S. customers spent $2.4 billion. UK customers followed suit and spent $1.2 billion, or £810m. Many stores broke records on that day and even websites crashed from the traffic.

If you are planning a casual day of shopping and tea, it might be best to skip Black Friday. These sales days are crowded and occasionally ruthless – but with good reason.

Sales on this day are extraordinary.

The Best Deals on Black Friday

Many stores guard the secrets of their sales until the last minute, but others publish their sales ahead of time. It’s hard to know what will be on sale at the end of the month, but if last year was a prediction, we can expect huge savings on computers, televisions, mobile phones and almost anything electronic. The iPad mini was one of the biggest sellers last year on Black Friday and it’s reasonable to expect Apple products to be among the top sellers again this year along with game systems and the televisions to play them on. Look for the cheapest PS4 and Xbox One deals yet that day.

Fashion retailers slash prices as well on clothing items, often putting the whole store on sale for a set amount of time that day. The same is true for furniture, home goods and household electronics. In fact, John Lewis sold a Nutribullet every thirty seconds last year on Black Friday.

Avoid the Madness, Shop Black Friday Online

While some enjoy the visceral thrill of rushing into shops and snatching up items, it’s possible to skip the crowds and chaos and still enjoy Black Friday deals. Black Friday deals last year crashed websites, but this year retailers are prepping for the tremendous volumes of traffic they expect on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Monday immediately following Black Friday.)

One of the most popular methods of savings online will be lightning deals. These are sales on specific items for a specific amount of time. Amazon, in particular, is a fan of these deals – ensuring customers watch their website, buy items and then come back and buy again. The lightning deals are advertised ahead of time, and Amazon is planning to start posting to its Christmas page by the end of October.

John Lewis isn’t thrilled about Black Friday deals, but you can expect the retailer to unwillingly follow suit and offer some terrific deals on Black Friday despite the grumbling. Last year John Lewis offered iPad minis for £150 and large discounts on Apple Macbooks.

Last year Currys actually queued visitors to its website to avoid the site crashing from overwhelming traffic. Hopefully they will be more prepared this year as they will likely offer great discounts on electronics and gadgets including cameras and headphones as well as laptops and tablets. Argos and many others will offer similar deals on electronics including televisions, game system bundles and even vacuum cleaners.

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