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Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. Here Are 5 Royal-Themed Gifts Available in the UK This Summer.

Her Majesty the Queen reaches the magnificent age of 91 this Summer. We at myUKmailbox love to celebrate Royal occasions and with this year also being the Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years since the Queen’s coronation, this is the time to order  your perfect Royal Gift and let us ship to you, Quickly, Safely and Securely.

1) Buckingham Palace Champagne and Wine Gift Set 

Buckingham Palace Champagne and Wine Gift Set

For a real touch of  celebration and the feel of  genuine quality how about  this double bottle Gift Set of  Wine and Champagne direct  from the Royal Shop at  Buckingham Palace.

Perfectly presented in a  classy Gift Case complete  with the Buckingham Palace  Crest it contains a superb  Champagne to suit lovers of  Chardonnay, with citrus fruits

and hints of pear and peach, giving a fresh yet rich flavour.

To complement the Bubbly is a medium-bodied Pauillac Red, from the vines of Chateau Lafite and nearby Chateau Duhart Milon, which has hedgerow fruit flavours of blackcurrant, raspberry and redcurrant in a well balanced wine.

Perfect to enjoy during the Queen’s Birthday celebration. Enjoy!

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2) Handpainted Tower Of London Chess Set

Handpainted Tower Of London Chess Set

This is a real touch of luxury  and could be a superb  conversation piece in your  display cabinet.

Featuring models of the  Tower of London as the  Castles, ravens double as  the Knights, medieval styled  Kings, Queens and Bishops  complete the first row and the  Pawns are represented by  Yeoman Warders, the famous   ‘ Beefeaters’.

All the pieces are handmade  and painted, and presented  in a lavish gift box.

Add a look of luxury to your  home with this fantastic  collectors item.

Available here

3) Ascot Gift Hamper

Ascot Gift Hamper

For all the foodies out there   here is a fabulous food and    drink hamper that is packed  with loads of luxury goodies.

From delicious farmhouse  pork pate to lovely  caramelised onion chutney,  savoury tomato and olive  bread thins to salted mixed  nuts and crunchy hand  cooked cheese and onion  crisps.

For those with a sweet tooth   the hamper contains a lovely jar of strawberry extra jam, strawberry steamed pudding and a luxury cornucopia of swiss chocolates from renowned chocolatier Lindt.

Not forgetting of course a quaffable sparkling wine and a fruity, crisp Shiraz from vintners Wolf Blass.

Expertly presented in a willow hamper this is the perfect gift for those lazy summer days.

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4) Buckingham Palace Model Kit By Lego

Buckingham Palace Model Kit By Lego

Ideal for all ages this kit will  suit Lego fans, model  enthusiasts and also keen  Royal memorabilia collectors.

From the world-renowned  Lego stable this is featured in  their Architecture range.

Made up of 780 individual  pieces it will give hours of  fun.

The model features the  iconic neoclassical East Wing  facade with its famous  balcony and Royal Standard flying from the roof.

Showing the full frontage with a section of The Mall and the Victoria Memorial it also has a red London bus and a typical black cab.

The booklet within also contains info about the design, architecture and history of this famous building.

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5) Clogau Gold Rose Pink Sapphire Ring

Clogau Gold Rose Pink Sapphire Ring

This item is uniquely  symbolic of this years  Queen’s Birthday Celebration.

A beautiful ring made from  Sterling Silver and rare  Clogau Welsh Gold, which  has been associated with the  Royals for many years. It  features  a superb pink  sapphire in the shape of a  rose, again iconically royal.

And of course this year is  also the Queens Sapphire  Jubilee so the ring has three royal connections as, as well as being extremely gorgeous to look at.

From This Seller

We at myUKmailbox hope that you have picked up some ideas for your gifts with a Royal theme available in the UK. All these royal goodies can be shipped to your own UK address and our team can easily send it over to your homeland in 2-4 days time.

Her Majesty the Queen is known and respected throughout the UK, around the Commonwealth and all across the wider world so we are sure that people will love to purchase their gifts and celebrating the Royal occasion this Summer.