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Choosing the Right Mail Forwarding Services Provider

There are many benefits of having a UK forwarding address. Even when you already have a PO Box address, it is beneficial to have a mail forwarding address. In UK only Royal Mail and not any other couriers access PO Box services. So, you are better of getting a mail forwarding address, it is a proper UK street address with many advantages. The service providers will receive and sign your mails and packages for you and then send you the ones you want to receive anywhere in the world. It is a very beneficial service but only as long as you choose the right service provider. there are many UK mail forwarding service providers but not all are made equal, some give you flawless services while others make excuses and lose your packages, have weak insurance and other flaws.
Here are few ways of getting the right mail forwarding services:

1. Be a member: If you need mail forwarding services for just one time or very rarely you don’t have to pay any monthly fee but personal shopping fee and shipping charges will be a bit more than for those with an account or membership. If you need regular services getting a membership is wiser.

2. They must provide a street address: Not PO Box address UK but a legitimate Postal address or a street address where any courier services can deliver is a must have.

3. Personal shopper: This service comes very handy when buyers’ international credit does not work when buying from UK or stores from abroad.

4. Options in rates and shipping: Sometimes you need a faster delivery than usual and you need to be able to get that with paying a little extra than usual.

5. Free storage:  if the service provider does not provide you storage or free storage services then you need to find another UK forwarding address provider. You don’t always buy from one place and one or more orders can lag behind which means to be shipped together the orders that have arrived will have to be stored by the mail forwarding service providers.

6. Consolidation: this is an extremely important service. Shipping charges are volumetric so rather than getting many small boxes getting one big box is beneficial. Under this service the mail forwarding service provider will repack your small boxes to fit in one.