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What products you will miss the most from UK – Expats dedicated

What products you will miss the most from UK – Expats dedicated

Moving overseas is exciting.

New cultures to experience.

New people to meet.

New cities to explore.

But leaving your home country behind also means leaving a way of life and some of the small comforts of home. Will you be able to cook your favorite meal? Can you find the tea bags you’re used to using? Being an expat is certainly thrilling, but for those living overseas, there are some items that they just can’t get used to being away from.

1. Tea and Crumpets

Tea and Crumpets

There are many types of specific British foods that you must do without when you move overseas – Heinz Baked Beans and Bistro Gravy Granules are among the most commonly named. But the most commonly named food items that British expatriates miss are British crumpets and the accompanying tea. While it is hard to mail a griddle cake, it is possible to order crumpet mix and, of course, tea bags to be sent just about anywhere in the world. That way you can enjoy at least a little taste of home.

2. British Humour

The Brits have a very dry sense of humour. No other country does as much with sarcasm and satire or self-depreciation on a daily basis as the British do, and when you’re no longer surrounded by that sense of humour, you will find you miss it quite a bit. It’s a rare and special country that can count on wit as part of the national culture.

3. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, or more affectionately, Marks & Sparks, is British institution where you can truly buy just about anything in a single department store. Stop in for lunch and you can buy a sandwich, some new shoes, a limited fashion item and perhaps a new sofa all before heading back to work. Best of all, you can count on paying a reasonable price for everything you just purchased.

Many other countries don’t have a store that even comes close to offering what Marks & Spencer can. While not the full experience, you can snag some of the many deals offered at Marks & Spencer by ordering online. Have a bit of home shipped directly to you and keep homesickness at bay.

4. British Magazines

British Magazines

If you’ve enjoyed British fashion or news magazines, you might find yourself at a loss when you stop by the newsstand to grab something new to read on the plane or train. Fortunately, in our increasingly global society, you can easily subscribe to many British magazines, have them shipped to your UK mailbox and then sent on directly to you in a bundle every month. Another option is to subscribe to the digital versions of your favorite British magazines. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close.

5. High Fashion

42 Experts Share their Favorite #UK Brands and Shops – #Roundup – Via. @MyUKMailbox1 @chanellelouiseb “I definitely go to Primark first when browsing for things…” — Rekha Shalini Barla (@rekhabarla01) April 4, 2018

In a bustling city like London you can find top fashions for reasonably low prices. Every shop seems to have something new and exciting to buy to dress up your wardrobe and increase your personal style. Depending on what country you settle in outside of the UK, you may find yourself without much in the way of stylish fashion choices. While it may not be quite as much fun as popping into your favorite shops to browse, you can still browse online and have some of the latest styles sent directly to you.

6. Chocolate


If you grew up on Cadbury chocolate, buying it outside of the UK is going to be a disappointment. Different countries use different recipes for their sweet treats, and chocolate can and will taste different in different countries. Kinder Eggs and Cadbury bars might not be in every corner store in your new home, but you can always develop a taste for a new brand of chocolate rather than comparing recipes between what is new and what is an old favorite.

7. British Meals

In Britain there are many options for grabbing a quick protein-based meal. Marks & Spencer had ready meals for a single person that are quick and inexpensive and actually pretty tasty. Corner stores in Britain allowed you to buy some meal basics including meat on your way home without having to go out of your way. This isn’t always true in new countries where you may have to plan carefully to shop well in advance of each meal and store ingredients beforehand.

8. Football

Granted there is football in every corner of the globe, but if you’ve grown up following a particular British team, good luck finding a fan base to hang out with in a different country where they follow their own teams and have their own traditions. It can be lonely cheering as a team of one, but you can always adopt a new team or two to support… provided they aren’t playing your own beloved UK team, of course.

Of course, the best thing about our increasingly global society is that even when you’re living far from home, you can easily bring home back to you. Shop online and have items sent to you or have them waiting for you when you head back for a quick trip. Best of all, you can shop from anywhere in the world using MyUKMailbox and have items purchased, delivered and then shipped in bulk for you to enjoy.