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Top 20 Places to Buy Cheap British Refurbished Electronics

The market for new electronics is flooded.

It’s crowded.

It’s confusing.

And it’s certainly expensive.

That’s why it makes so much sense to consider refurbished electronics.

A new device can cost twice as much as one that was barely used before being traded in on a whim. You can save potentially thousands of dollars by searching for high quality refurbished electronics online.

But - and there is a big but - how do you know that you’re getting what you expect to be paying for? There is often a warranty that goes with new electronics. It’s new and shiny and the company stands behind the product at some level.

A refurbished laptop or mobile device isn’t brand new, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent investment. With so many people immediately trading up or trading in brand new devices, many refurbished options are barely used and often have warranties or guarantees of their own.

That’s why it is so important to buy your refurbished electronics from a reputable company like the ones listed below.

Laptops Direct

Laptops DirectPart of a larger Direct conglomerate, Laptops Direct is one of the most reliable places to buy a refurbished laptop. Not only are there more than 10,000 customer reviews on the website to back up the site as authentic, but you get a 1 year warranty on computers as well.


AmazonThe online retail giant offers a tremendous assortment of refurbished electronics including mobile devices and laptops. You can also get refurbished dvd players, game systems and virtually any other device. When buying refurbished gear on Amazon, pay careful attention to the reviews and be sure you’re working with an established, reputable seller.


eBayWhat better place to buy a refurbished something than through the reselling capital of the internet. eBay has everything under the sun available both new and used, and there are plenty of refurbished items to choose from. Look for refurbished items offered directly from the manufacturers, not just individual sellers. You can likely get a 1-2 year warranty on the item as well.


AppleManufacturers sell refurbished items through their own storefronts and online stores. Buy a refurbished iPhone or iPad through the Apple site and you will get a warranty and the customer service that comes with it.


DellAnother company to sell directly through its own website, you can buy refurbished laptops and computers through the Dell website. Look for big discounts on gently used electronics along with a good warranty.


SonyLooking for the latest Sony stereo parts or perhaps some specialty media? You can find it all through Sony’s website. Of course you can find the brand new items, but you can also get some great deals by buying Sony’s refurbished deals as well.



HP is another computer company ready to make some great deals on refurbished electronics. Look for up to thirty percent savings on popular computers and laptops along with warranties up to two years when you buy refurbished gear through HP’s website.


CeXWith store presences all over the UK, most of Europe and even India, CeX offers a wide assortment of refurbished items including mobile devices, gaming systems and computers. You can find photography equipment and televisions as well, all ready to go and recently refurbished.


GazelleGazelle doesn’t just sell refurbished items, it offers a trade in program as well. You trade in your gently used devices, and you can pick out a newly refurbished device. The next person comes along and the cycle continues.


JemJemJemJem is another refurbished retailer, but this one specializes in Apple products. You can find Macs and Macbooks as well as iPhones and iPads all carefully refurbished and available to would-be buyers.


NewEggNewEgg is a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher. That means you’ll find terrific deals on many of the Windows products and laptops. You can also find gaming consoles including the Xbox variants and computer hardware.


RefurbIORefurb.IO is another retailer that is branded as a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher. Buy a refurbished laptop or desktop from Reburb.IO and you’ll also get a one-year warranty on your newly purchased machine.

O2 Refresh

O2 RefreshA mobile retailer, O2 Refresh offers refurbished phones along with a one-year warranty. The O2 Refresh package often comes with both the newly refurbished phone and a new mobile contract. If this turns out to not be ideal, you can cancel the contact and simply pay off the refurbished mobile device.

Music Magpie

Music MagpieAnother mobile retailer, Music Magpie offers handsets for very competitive rates. The company offers a one year warranty on their refurbished mobile devices as well. Keep an eye out for flash sales that can make a newly refurbished phone very affordable.

Mighty Deals

Mighty DealsWhile prices can be great through Mighty Deals, the actual deal you’re getting can vary, so read carefully before buying. Most of the deals come with a one-year warranty, but that isn’t standard across the board.


ArgosWhile not as competitive as the retailers that specialize in just mobile technology, Argos does offer refurbished phones and other devices occasionally. These come and go, so a bit of research is required. You do get a thirty-day return policy and a one-year warranty if you can find a good deal.

MobilesJust like many other mobile retailers, you can find refurbished handsets available through new mobile contracts at Arrange for phone service along with your new handset and you can enjoy a deeply discounted refurbished mobile.


HandtecAnother mobile service provider, you can arrange to buy a refurbished device through Handtec when you set up your next mobile contact. Or you might be able to buy a refurbished device and then arrange a SIM only deal with the retailer.


SamsungSamsung makes some pretty great mobile devices, but they don’t come cheaply. If you want to buy your own Samsung device, but you don’t want to pay through the nose to get it, consider a refurbished model. Buy it from the mobile shop or find it online.


VirginWant a mobile device that is trendy, reliable, but won’t cost you everything you hold dear? Look into what the mobile stores are offering. Often you can get a great deal on a refurbished phone that has been barely been used before the original owner upgraded to something even more expensive.

It’s natural to want the latest and great version of a device. But when practicality and budget collide you realize that it often makes a great deal more sense to save hundreds - even thousands - on refurbished electronics. Enjoy years of dependable service without over paying. Simple.
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