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Top 10 Things that are Cheaper in the UK

Everyone wants a good deal.

Nobody likes spending more money than they have to for the products they want or need.

When you travel or have access to stores in different countries, you can see just how much tariffs, overhead and shipping charges can affect pricing on certain items.

The more goods are handled, processed, shipped and moved from place to place, the more the price of those goods goes up. Likewise, when there is a limited selection of items available or the item is hard to get in your own country, you can expect to pay a premium.

It’s worth it to shop around.

That doesn’t just mean check out the store on the corner versus the one down the street. Thanks to the internet we can shop online for thousands of deals across hundreds of websites and even dozens of countries.

Where you choose to buy isn’t limited to your physical location - especially if you have the means to take advantage of great shipping rates in the UK.

Don’t forget that you are not limited to just what you can buy online when using MyUKMailbox. We also offer supermarket shopping! This service allows you to shop virtually at grocery stores and have the British items shipped directly to your UK mailbox where we can consolidate and send them along to you.

Looking for great deals? Check out the products we’ve found that are cheaper in the UK.

British Tea

British Tea Whittard is one of the most popular tea shops in England, and London has its own shop dedicated to the brand. These are premium teas available in both hot and iced versions with a wide selection from around the globe. There is also a large selection of coffee and hot chocolate available – all of which makes terrific gifts or a great way to stock up on the flavors of the UK.


British Chocolate

British Chocolate British Chocolate isn’t available in every corner of the world. The United States, for example, has restrictions on some of Cadbury’s most popular items. But when you shop in England, you can buy and enjoy the original, delicious chocolate from Cadbury, Dairy Milk or Whispa.


Museum Gifts

Museum GiftsLondon has beautiful museums. If you’re lucky enough to be in the city, you can enjoy any of the museums in London without paying for any admission as all museums are free. The unique and interesting items in the gift shops aren’t free, of course, but they are often commissioned as special pieces or as carefully curated as the museum itself. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to browse through the gift shop in person, you can often check out a museum gift shop online as well.


Union Jack Items

Union Jack ItemsThe Union Jack is everywhere in London. Where it might show up occasionally in other countries as a fun design, you can’t turn a corner in London without seeing the iconic flag on something, somewhere. This means that getting a unique gift or a fun piece for your home that is decorated with the Union Jack is easier and much less expensive in England that it would be anywhere else in the world.


Bath Items

Bath ItemsDid you know that super popular brand Lush is actually British? If you’re looking for the premium brand for bath bombs, lotions and other fun shower and bath items, why not buy them from the actual source? Skip the expensive storefronts in other countries, and order your luxury bath items from the original source – the UK store.


Beauty Products

Beauty ProductsAnother famous and high end beauty brand, Crabtree & Evelyn makes wonderful creams and lotions. The hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn is thought to be among the best in the world, and it is founded and created in England. Whether you’re shopping in a British store or ordering online, you’re going to find a much better deal in England than you would anywhere else in the world.



FashionBritish fashion is iconic. Warehouse, TopShop and Dorothy Perkins are just a few British brands that are also sold overseas and around the world. The prices for these designer goods moves up the further you move from England, so skip the global expansion and buy directly from the London or British shops for these popular brands and you’ll be saving quite a bit, especially if you are able to score discounted or free shipping as well.


Sports Clothing

Sports ClothingLove a UK sports team? You’ll get your football gear for much, much less by buying it directly from England (or Manchester). Football jerseys, pennants, socks and jackets are all readily available for every British team while you’re in Britain, but you’ll have a harder time finding deals once you leave the home country. It’s not football gear you’ll find for less in the UK, other sports clothing brands like SuperDry can be found for far less inside Britain versus what you’ll pay in other countries.


British Dress Shoes

British Dress ShoesNothing says luxury, high-end footwear like a pair of hand tooled leather dress shoes. The British dress shoes are extraordinary and the price point certainly shows that the further you go from England. But if you are longing for beautifully tooled leather in classic, conservative lines, shop directly from shoemakers like Loake or Clarkes online and you can get amazing deals on British quality.


Specialty Foods and Drinks

Specialty Foods and Drinks Finally, there is nothing like the taste of home. If you are looking for British specialties like Sipsmith gin, Marmite or Branston pickles, you can find them throughout the UK, but you’re going to have a much harder time locating them as you leave the borders. Fortunately, you can buy specialty food items in their prepackaged versions online and have them shipped directly to you for far less than you might think.


It feels great to save money. The hunt for a great deal can be just as fun as having that new item arrive at your home. Don’t feel constrained by the prices available in your own country. Take your search for value and quality online, and your options will expand exponentially.

If you’re trying to figure out how to pay for these cheap items in the UK, we break it down for you in our payment FAQ section. You can read more about how to pay for your purchased items in the UK.
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