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27 Oct, 2020

UK Black Friday Guide: 2020

Shoppers aren’t interested in large crowds at shopping malls or standing in long lines in enclosed environments. They want to stay inside, where it’s warm and safe, and enjoy the seasonal savings.

It’s been a long year thanks to a global epidemic, and we are all looking forward to a bit of holiday cheer. Why not kick start your holiday spirit by finding the best Black Friday deal of 2020?

04 Oct, 2020

Halloween 2020 UK – 11 Costume Ideas and Halloween Kits

Halloween masks make it easy to stay protected, and since the whole thing takes place outside, there is a feeling of much lower risk at Halloween. So, Halloween is back and perhaps better than ever.

Whether you’re looking for the family or just for the youngest trick or treaters in your home, there is plenty to enjoy about dressing up this Halloween.

23 Sep, 2020

13 Stylish Masks to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

We all have multiple masks so that we can wash some or let them rest between wears to avoid transferring COVID germs.

And you probably have been itching to do some shopping. A bit of retail therapy goes a long way to relieving the anxiety and stress of this uncertain time. So why not shop for something you definitely need anyhow? Find some stylish masks to complement or enhance your wardrobe.

06 Sep, 2020

Build a Professional Capsule Wardrobe with These 12 Items

Avoiding the virus is a top concern for many heading back to the office, and that means being able to shed your clothes at the end of the day, wash them and keep any potential contamination at bay.

For most of us, that means skipping Dry Clean Only labels, and opting for a few basics that will get the job done in a professional – yet durable – way

23 Jul, 2020

43 Essentials to Make Quarantining Easier

There are ways to make quarantine feel more comfortable – like a retreat rather than a jail cell. And if you are going to be home for weeks or months yet avoiding outbreaks, don’t you want to quarantine comfortably

02 May, 2020

14 Ways to Get Your Life More Organized

To clean and then keep things clean, you need to have a strategy. Everything needs a place to call home, and that is the crux of organization – making a logical space for everything you need.

That way, you can easily put things away again instead of stacking them, stashing them or losing them in piles of clutter.

16 Mar, 2020

12 Birthday Gifts Anyone Would Love

To help you get started and possibly even finished with your birthday shopping, we have compiled the list of excellent birthday gift ideas. These will get the job done no matter who is the recipient

02 Mar, 2020

25 Bits of Green You’ll Need for St. Patrick’s Day

However you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you will need a bit of green to work into your wardrobe. Go big or go with a more discrete option. Just be sure you find a way to truly enjoy what this fun, low-key holiday has to offer in the way of friends and fellowship

31 Jan, 2020

13 Easy Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are just one of these small details that can add a bit of fun, elegance or style to your big day. Fortunately, you can make a big statement with wedding favors without spending countless hours or countless dollars creating what you are looking for

26 Dec, 2019

20 Products You Should be Excited about for 2020

If you’re looking for some of the best new products out there – or that will be out there soon – this is your year to find something exceptional.